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Since there will be elections pretty soon, we've decided to wait for them to decide what would be the best way to proceed.


Hello all, dear friends of Middle Earth!

Maybe some of you have noticed there's been a discussion about a new NetRep team coming from the Spanish and Latin American communities. I'm here to explain a few things about the project itself.

The current NetRep team:

Manuel Cabezalí – NetRep
Sergio Martínez "Kodi" – NetRep Team
Pedro Mellado and Marcos Cáceres – NetRep Advisors

... but of course, we are open to new additions or substitutions in the future.


Our main goals are:

1) Give an official answer to the many rules question that arise during our games, in the form of new Ruling Digests.

2) Revise the official and published digests that contradict previous ICE rulings, or that are simply not in line with the actual rules.

3) Update the CRF. This is a complex task:

3a) Incorporate the Ruling Digests that aren't there yet.
3b) Incorporate the CoE-issued errata that's already official.
3c) Incorporate the text of the cards that were changed in the Challenge Decks (i.e. Great Ship)

Feel free to ask any questions. We'll also open a new email adress so that players can send their questions to the NetRep.

Thanks a lot for your support,

The NetRep Team


Here's some personal background information about me:

My name is Manuel Cabezalí and I've been a MECCG player since 1998. I've been mostly active during the 1998-2001, 2005-2014 and 2020-present periods.

I am a part of a team that has held multiple big and small offline and online events. During the years 2007-2012 I was the judge and organizer of several National Championships in Spain, plus one european tournament.

Back in the days of Mark Alfano as NetRep/MECCG contributor I helped him getting the Spain community into the CoE. I was named a level 2 judge and became part of the NetRep team as an advisor. I was also a CoE member during 2007-2008.

All these years I've been very active answering rules questions, organizing tournaments and basically helping the spanish community grow. Nowadays I am a member of The Council of Rivendell, the body on charge of all things related to MECCG in the Latinamerican and Spanish community, which is making huge progress having a growing playerbase. Some of our achievements as a team are:

- We have developed a new website, with an extensive deck archives, rulings, a powerful searching engine for both cards and rulings, and many more features.

- We have worked on and recently released a remastered versión of all the cards, with errata and updated text included and better images, both in English and Spanish.

- Various video tutorials teaching players different alignments, timing rules, etc.

- We also organize team tournaments that serve as an entrance to the different alignments for beginners. We've had 40 players playing Hero, 28 playing Minion, and 28 playing Fallen Wizard, distributed in equal teams of veteran and new players, so the veterans can help the newcomers build and refine their decks and strategys.

-Every year we hold one or two begginer's exclusive tournaments, the next one will start Next month and we already have aprox 10 players in, most of them have never played a tournament before.

-We have a big WhatsApp general group (248 players/collectors and growing) of Spanish and Latinamerican players, and another exclusive for rules and strategy questions with 112 members as we speak. Lots of activity going on there!


Not MECCG related, but in my job as a musical producer, I'm used to work with and direct workgroups. I know making records is not the same as answering rules questions, but the workflow shares some aspects :)

I am a deckbuilder and creator by nature, and have contributed to the deck archives with many thematic, competitive and/or original decks. You can find those in the website, and ocasionally you will find players from all over the world playing with them in tournaments.

Some of my achievements as a competitive player:

Spanish national champion in 2006 and 2012, runner-up in 2007 and 2013
Worlds 2nd place in 2011
GCCG online champion in 2009, runner up in 2008
Nations Cup winner in 2011 and 2012
Nations Cup runner-up in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2013
Top 4 in more tournaments that I can probably remember.
MVP in both Hero, Minion and FW team-tournaments held during 2021 and 2022

For those of you who don't know me, these are my credentials. But the most important and exciting things are yet to come :)

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