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[NetRep] CoE Rulings Digest #123

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1 a)
Can I play play Sacrifice of Form with Crown of Flowers and then later Twilight CoF and play a second SoF?
Yes, if all requirements for such are met, it is legal.

1 b)
When I Twilight CoF away, what happens with the items the Wizard had held? And can I play another Wizard or do I have to reveal the same avatar each time?
If Sacrifice of Form is discarded, all items placed off to the side with it are also discarded. After SoF is played, you may not play a different Wizard and your opponent may not play the Wizard you sacrificed.

2 a)
If I play a card on-guard for company 1 that is going to Bree and for company 2 I play Fell Winter, can I reveal an Assassin on-guard if there was no automatic-attack during the company’s movement/hazard phase?
Assassin is allowed because it was playable during the company's move/haz phase and does not check for the automatic-attack’s existence until you want to reveal it.

2 b)
Similar question with Durin’s Bane on-guard and later Doors of Night is played, after Fallen-wizard goes to his Deep Mines?
Durin's Bane is not legal because it was not playable during the company's move/haz phase (I'm assuming you somehow managed to give Deep Mines an automatic-attack).

3 a)
I have a company at Deep Mines but I lose my surface site haven. Where can the company go upstairs? Another haven or the same?
Deep Mines' surface site is set when you reveal DM, and does not change for that particular Deep Mines while in play. So if you go there from Rhosgobel, you cannot pop up at a protected Isengard.

3 b)
Or, when it’s Ettenmoors and it returns to deck I lose all stages at this site and it isn’t a haven anymore - Deep Mines is still connected with this site or not?
If Ettenmoors became the surface site of a Deep Mines, it will remain as such as long as that Deep Mines is in play, regardless of Ettenmoor’s protected Wizardhaven status.

If you play Hidden Haven on Hermit's Hill, you may still discard 2 minor items to make a major (hero version) or gold ring (minion version) item normally playable at the site. However, even if you do this, the item is not currently playable, as per the text of Hidden Haven.

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