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[NetRep] CoE Rulings Digest #122

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Regarding Blind to the West and Ire of the East, why do we play them to cancel cards played by Fallen-wizard player, not played by FW (avatar) himself? Card texts say FW, not player.
Characters don’t really play cards, the players do. For example, it's common during a game to say "Ioreth plays Marvels Told" but that's not really accurate. The player plays Marvels Told, and Ioreth is tapped as the active condition of the card. Therefore Ire/Blind cancel cards played by a FW player.

2 a)
Is replacing the site with Farmer Maggot considered movement, since you are replacing a site card with a different site card à la Great Road/Iron Road?
It's considered movement without a movement/hazard phase, yes.

2 b)
If it is movement, would using Farmer Maggot to take your company to a site in Arthedain trigger an attack from Scorba Ahunt (if Doors of Night is in play)? Scorba Ahunt makes mention of moving in a given region, but do you have to actually be using region movement?
For Scorba Ahunt to attack, you don't need to be using region movement, but the company must have at least one of the affected regions by name in its site path (with starter movement the regions of old and new sites). When 'teleporting' with Farmer Maggot, there is no separate move/haz phase and therefore no site path either. So the company is safe from the nasty dragon.

Regarding the card Burglary: Presumably, the site in question must currently have an automatic attack, correct? Is this card playable during any phase à la Chance Meeting or only during the site phase à la Old Road?
Burglary is playable only when you would face a site's automatic-attack. Therefore the site must have an auto-attack and Burglary can only be played during the site phase.

I'm not sure if this one was ever clarified, but I know there's been some debate about it: Since Motionless Among the Slain says "playable on an attack" with no reference to defending against the attack or "an attack against your company", you can play this as the attacker in CvCC, correct?
Only the defender may play Motionless Among the Slain.

5 a)
If I play The Great Hunt and have the ally Regiment of Black Crows in the company, can I cancel an attack with the ally’s gametext?
You can use the Crows and the creature will go to owner's hand.

5 b)
What about Ahunt Dragons, then? Are they returned to owner's hand when RoBC is used to cancel the attack?

The terms "influence check" and "influence attempt" are not synonymous. In general any card that modifies an attempt will affect whatever dice-roll is made in that attempt. A card that affects a check or roll will only modify checks or rolls of the appropriate type.

Note this ruling overturns COE 119

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*Prepared in collaboration with Mark Alfano and David Barton (NetRep Team), and Brian Min, Konrad Klar, Marcos Cáceres, Karsten Gerland, Jamie Pollock and Manuel Cabezali Romero (NetRep Advisors).


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