This Cannot Be Borne !

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This Cannot Be Borne !

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"Such was the tale that Nár brought back to Thráin; and when he had wept and torn his beard he fell silent. Seven days he sat and said no word. Then he stood up and said: 'This cannot be borne!' That was the beginning of the War of the Dwarves and he Orcs, which was long and deadly..." - LotR

Goal :
Find Durin's Axe and a Dwarven Ring, then raise Dwarven factions against Azog, The Great Goblin. Dáin II must rally the Dwarves against the Orcs of Moria. Unfortunately, the other Dwarves are reluctant to join the war and can only be convinced by someone who has both Durin's Axe and one of the Seven Dwarven Rings.

Note: This scenario was designed for solitaire play, but can also be played as a complete deck against an opponent as well.

Step 1 :
Find Durin's Axe and a Dwarven Ring. Dáin II or a substitute must carry at least one of these.

Step 2 :
Recruit the Iron Hill Dwarves and the Blue Mountain Dwarves.

Step 3 :
Return to Dimrill Dale for battle (see special rule below).

Special Rules :
* No Wizard is involved in this scenario. Do not include any Wizards or spells in the resource decks.
* The Orcs are determined to stop the Dwarven muster. As such, their patrols are ranging far and wide and growing in numbers. To reflect this, use a die or counter to keep track of the number of turns you take. After the sixth turn, treat all Orc attacks as if Minions Stir was in play (+1 prowess and strikes to each Orc and Troll attack).
* Treat the Iron Hill Dwarf-hold and the Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold as Havens for the purposes of healing, playing cards (hazards, storing items, etc.), and introducing characters.
* When Weariness of the Heart is drawn, it must be played immediately as a corruption check against Dáin II (or your substitute).
* Once both factions have been mustered, return to Dimrill Dale. during the site phase, take Orc-guard and The Great Goblin from the side. Your company must first defeat the Orc-guard and then Dáin II must defeat The Great Goblin. Ignore the body checks against The Great Goblin; if Dáin II defeats the attacks, he is considered defeated.

Resources should include:
* Blue Mountain Dwarves
* Durin's Axe
* Fair Gold Ring
* Iron Hill Dwarves
* Precious Gold Ring (x3)
* Test of Form (x2)
* Test of Lore
* Any Dwarven Ring
* 19 other resource cards (Muster should not be included)

Starting Location :
* Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold

Hazards should include:
* Doors of Night (x2)
* Minions Stir (x2)
* Orc-guard
* Orc-lieutenant
* Orc-raiders (x3)
* Orc-warband (x2)
* Orc-warriors (x3)
* Orc-watch
* Wake of War (x2)
* Wargs (x2)
* Weariness of the Heart
* Wolves
* 9 other hazard cards (no Nazgûl, corruption cards, or Muster Disperses)

To the Side:
* Orc-guard
* The Great Goblin

Characters :
Starting Characters with Minor Items :
* Dáin II (or Thorin II or Thráin II)
* Fíli
* Kíli
Additional Characters :
* Bombur
* Gimli or Gloín
* Nori
* Óin
* Ori

This Cannot Be Borne! can be found on page 21 of the Middle-Earth : The Wizards Casual Companion. ©1997 ICE.

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Re: This Cannot Be Borne !

Post by Darksatin »

A remark about this solitaire scenario :
Daïn II and Thorin II are not sages => use Thrain II, or maybe assume that Daïn or Thorin II can verify a gold ring item (but only for a Dwarven ring)

I play it with the following rules :
- resource hand : 8 cards
- hazard cards drawn : 2 plus twice the number of hazard cards normally draw for the site (6 for a "2" site ; 4 for a "1" site...). Play the hazards as dangerously as possible. Discard the unused hazard cards.
- end of turn : you can discard 1 card, and draw 1 card
- when the hazard deck or the resource deck is exhausted, shuffle the discarded cards, and make a new deck with them
- discard Doors of Night when the hazard deck is exhausted
- Orc-guard (and The Great Goblin) : no strike can be cancelled ; each strike must be beaten (defeated)

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