Call for intention to bid

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Call for intention to bid

Post by zarathustra »

When should we ask for bids? I guess we want them by mid-November, so that we can review them by mid-December, and then get the date fixed before the new year? In that case, we should get the INTENTION to bid even sooner -- say, mid-October?

If so, here's a first draft:
Call for Intention to Bid wrote:Greetings, MECCGers!
Yes, it's still winter, but it's already time to start thinking about the summer of 2007! World Championships is scheduled to be in North America this time around, so this call for intention to bid is specifically addressed to all (potential) tournament organizers in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

All we want NOW is notification of your intention to bid, not the actual details of the bid itself.

Here is the timetable of what we'll be asking for:

Intention to bid: October 21
Bid, complete with details: November 25
CoE's awarding of the right to host worlds: 22 December

Worlds 2007: Summer

What do you think?

Also, what is your opinion of the fact that South America and Japan never get a chance to host worlds? Is that fine, since their communities are not very strong, or should we encourage them to bid? If so, when?...

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Post by thorondor »

good you started this. guess it´s best to care for next worlds as soon as possible.
ähm, mark: why did you start with "it´s still winter ..."??

for japan, it´s the very low number of players, why it was never considered to have worlds there. at least that´s what i guess. personally i would like it very much to go there for worlds once ...
we know, there are many players in south america. but from my own experience i can tell, that it´s very hard to get in contact with them. is it beause of the language? or are they just content with playing in their own groups? really don´t know ...

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Post by zarathustra »

I was thinking of the December date... I guess we should change that to "still 2006"....

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Post by Sfan »

Hi Mark, hi rest!

Just go ahead and sent this as soon as possible. So people have time enough to make plans etc.

My 2 cents,

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Post by jhunholz »

Sounds good to me as well. The sooner the better.

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Post by Frodo »

I'll announce my intention to bid for NEW YORK CITY!!

Also, the japanese players pointed out to me a logistics problem with holding worlds there... that it would HAVE to be in Tokyo because the country is too hard to get to, and that hotels in Tokyo are MASSIVELY EXPENSIVE and *CANNOT* have the costs split per person per room.



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