Aiglos DOES give +5 prowess during CvCC with Doors of Night

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Aiglos DOES give +5 prowess during CvCC with Doors of Night

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The CRF entry on Aiglos was incorrect and so I looked into it. Turns out that it is based on the outdated CvCC rules for hazard effects. Ichabod made the old entry for Aiglos but Van didn't remove the Aiglos entry when he made the new CvCC rules (with Ichabod) for hazard effects.

Old CvCC Rule:
MELE p. 80 wrote:Note: Hazards have no affect on company vs. company combat.
Outdated CRF Entry on Aiglos:
CRF Card Errata and Rulings wrote:Aiglos
Would not get the bonus for Doors of Night when used in company vs. company combat.
Old Aiglos Ruling:
ICE Digest 91 - June 7, 1998 wrote: Question: Do all weapons in play count towards prowess bonus (i.e. Does Aiglos receive the max bonus due to Doors of Night being in play or is that considered a requirement fulfilled by a 'hazard' card)?

Answer: I would have to say that Aiglos does not get the bonus from Doors of Night. I don't see how it's that different from Night.
New CvCC Rule and ruling:
ICE Digest 563 - March 22, 1999 wrote: Question: Van, I just wanted to make sure you haven't forgotten my question about what happens to hazards during CVCC. (Rulebook says hazards have no effect on CVCC combat.) 3 digests ago you said you would answer it in the next digest. I still haven't heard an answer.

Answer: No, delayed but not forgotten. Ichabod and I have been discussing changing the rule to make it more clear. I had one wording, he another. Ultimately, I spent an evening going through every hazard in the game to see how they impacted each wording of the new rule. To make a long story short [too late] here is the new ruling for Company vs. Company combat:

Hazard effects in play that affect attacks have no effect on CVCC.

This is an errata and will be posted as a Rulings Monday on 3/22/99. The new rule will take effect 4/5/99.

This means that if a hazard effect directly affects an attack, it has no effect on Company vs. Company combat. So, if the hazard says, "All orc attacks have +1 prowess." it would have no effect. On the other hand, if the hazard says, "All orcs have +1 prowess," it will have normal effect.

Remember to that no hazards can be played during the site phase and no company vs. company combat will trigger an on-guard card. So the only hazards that would have any effect are hazard effects already in play.

The hazard "Night" is an excellent example for the new rule. The card text reads:
"The prowess of each non-ranger Dunadan is modified by -1. Additionally if Doors of Night is in play, the prowesses of all attacks are are modified by +1 and the prowess of each Man and Dunadan is modified by -1. Cannot be duplicated."

During company vs. company combat, with Doors of Night in play, non-ranger Dunadan have a -1 prowess and additionally all Man and Dunadan characters have an additional -1 prowess. Since the plus to prowess directly effects attacks, it has no effect on CvC combat.

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Re: Aiglos DOES give +5 prowess during CvCC with Doors of Night

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I agree with you here. And I think that Praise to Elbereth is playable during CvCC if Doors of Night is in play.
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