Deck J : The Under-roads

To fulfill a scenario a player has to meet all deck building requirements during the whole game, and additionally the winning requirements for a certain scenario at the end of a game. There are 16 wizard scenarios and 6 ringwraith scenarios...

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Deck J : The Under-roads

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This deck is designed for The Under-roads scenario.

Deck requirements : Only Orc and Troll characters may be played (but you can play a Ringwraith).
Winning requirements : The following MP cards are in play:
- allies : The Balrog and 2 Cave Troll
- items : Ancient Black Axe and 2 Iron Shield of Old
- 3 unique factions playable at an adjacent site to an Under-deeps site.

Character Pool

Starting Company
Lieutenant of Morgul
Old Troll + Goblin Earth-plumb
+ Orders from Lugburz

In deck
Lieutenant of Angmar
Lieutenant of Guldur
Old Troll
Troll Lout
Troll Lout

Not in deck
Ulkaur the Tongueless

Ringwraiths Characters

Old Troll
Troll Lout


Cave Troll
Cave Troll
Cave Troll

Orcs of Angmar
Orcs of Gundabad
Goblins of Goblin-gate
Orcs of Moria

Ancient Black Axe
Iron Shield of Old
Iron Shield of Old
Iron Shield of Old
Blasting Fire

Great Army of the North
Bade to Rule

Blow Turned
Bold Thrust
Ill Report You
Ill Report You
Ill Report You
Swift Strokes
Swift Strokes
We Have Come to Kill
We Have Come to Kill
Weigh all Things to a Nicety
Weigh all Things to a Nicety
Weigh all Things to a Nicety
Voices of Malice


Ent in Search of Entwives
Ent in Search of Entwives
Ent in Search of Entwives
Cave Worm

Hoarmurath of Dir
Lord of the Carrock
Mouth of Sauron
Saruman the Wise

Arouse Defenders
Arouse Defenders
Arouse Defenders
Awaken Defenders
Awaken Defenders
Awaken Defenders
Tidings of Bold Spies
Tidings of Bold Spies
Unabated in Malice
Unabated in Malice
Fear ! Fire ! Foes !
Whole Villages Roused
Heedless Revelry
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost


The Balrog
Orcs of Dol Guldur
Far Below the Deepest Delving
Legendary Stair
The Under-roads
World Gnawed by the Nameless
Ancient Secrets
Voices of Malice
Voices of Malice
Prone to Violence
By the Ringwraith's Word
While the Yellow Face Sleeps
Sudden Call
The Arkenstone
Crept Along Cleverly

Itangast Ahunt
Something Else at Work
The Ring Will Have One Master
The Will of the Ring
The Ring's Betrayal
The Roving Eye
Veils Flung Away
Alone and Unadvised
Covetous Thought
Muster Disperses
Muster Disperses
Power Built by Waiting
Unhappy Blows


Mount Gram => Orcs of Angmar, Blasting Fire
Mount Gundabad => Orcs of Gundabad, Blasting Fire
Goblin-gate => Goblins of Goblin-gate, Blasting Fire
Moria => Orcs of Moria, Blasting Fire
Dol Guldur => Orcs of Dol Guldur
The Iron-deeps, The Sulfur-deeps, The Under-courts => Cave Troll, Blasting Fire
The Under-gates => The Balrog
The Under-leas => Ancient Black Axe, Iron Shield of Old, Blasting Fire
The Under-vaults, The Under-grottos => Iron Shield of Old

Deck description

I decided to rely only on Troll characters.
So the major drawback of the scenario is the Lieutenants.
They are often used, and in this case they'll usually bounced (order is usually Morgul/ranger, Angmar/scout, Dol Guldur/sage).
In this case starting company is the Troll-chief controlling a Troll-lout, and Ulkaur alone.
So unused GI is 9 which allow to play a Lieutenant first turns if one of them is early drawn.

Otherwise the normal starting company is a Lieutenant controlling an Old Troll, and a Troll-lieutenant.
Ulkaur is removed from the game because he isn't a good character.
In all cases Orders from Lugburz allows 2 Troll leaders in the main company.
And Goblin Earth-plumb enhanced earlier under-deeps movement (not needed later with Shield +2 and Troll +1).

Old Troll and Troll-lout have an interesting home site, any Dark-hold, making them playable at The Iron-deeps or The Sulfur-deeps where Cave-trolls must be played.
Dwar is the most suitable Ringwraith, to make the main company even stronger.
On other hand Dwar is sage too, for Voices of Malice.

Resource MP are naturally the ones needed to fulfill the scenario.

Resources are mostly combat enhancer.
The main company is very strong With I'll Report You on both leaders.
Blow Turned, Bold Thrust, Swift Strokes help against one shot.
We Have Come to Kill calls for reinforcement if a character is nonetheless killed/discarded.

Hazard part is an heavy automatic-attack enhancer, mostly against free and border-hold.
A mix of big creatures await in other regions and places.
Hoarmurath of Dir boosts their low strike(s).

Play Notes

This scenario is difficult because lots of stuff must be gathered, but otherwise it isn't complicated to play.

The main company will do most work.
With enough GI due to Bade to Rule, a second company should be built with another Lieutenant controlling an Old Troll or a Troll-lout.
By the Ringwraith's Word would be nice on the Lieutenant.
Dwar should normally be used to boost a company (or Voices against Way is Shut).
Sideboard is accessed by Weigh all Things to a Nicety.

Prepare carefully your under-deeps downstairs, especially if Ancient Black Axe is early played.
In this case The Under-leas is no more available, although being a NOEUD.

Gather upstairs factions with Threats and hopefully an early Great Army of the North.
Keep in mind Orcs of Angmar and Orcs of Gundabad hate each other.
Sibeboard Orcs of Dol Guldur only if Orcs of Moria aren't played, because they hate each other too.
Try to play Goblins of Goblin-gate before Orcs of Moria to convince the later easier.
Be sure to find a Blasting Fire before going to the Under-gates.

Move downstairs for items and allies.
Don't forget movement bonus of Iron Shields of Old and Cave-troll when moving under-deeps.
Sideboard under-deeps movement enhancer if needed :
- Far Below the Deepest Delving
- Legendary Stair
- The Under-roads
- World Gnawed by the Nameless

Sideboard The Balrog before exhausting play deck.
Move to the Under-gates and discard Blasting Fire to cancel aa, and play The Balrog.
In case the game isn't over aftewards, The Balrog should be played on a Lieutenant, which survives automatically unless opponent rolls 12 during org phase.

If scenario will surely not fulfilled, sideboard Prone to Violence to have fun attacking opponent's companies.

MP overview (expected / max)

Characters : 8 / 14
Items : 8 / 11
Factions : 7 / 11
Allies : 6 / 7
Miscellanous : 0 / 2
Kill : 2 / 4
Total : 31 / 49
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