Deck B : Prepare the Battle

To fulfill a scenario a player has to meet all deck building requirements during the whole game, and additionally the winning requirements for a certain scenario at the end of a game. There are 16 wizard scenarios and 6 ringwraith scenarios...

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Deck B : Prepare the Battle

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This deck is designed for Prepare the Battle scenario.

Deck requirements : none.
Winning requirements : All "Lieutenants" (of Morgul, Dol Guldur and Angmar) are in play at their home sites.
The Mouth is at Barad-Dûr by the end of the organisation phase of the scenario player's last turn (and does not attempt to move) or is at Barad-Dûr at the end of the game.

Character Pool

Starting Company
Lieutenant of Morgul + Troth-ring
+ Whispers of Rings

In deck
Lieutenant of Angmar
Lieutenant of Guldur
Horseman in the Night

Not in deck

Ringwraiths Characters
The Mouth


A Little Gold Ring
A Little Gold Ring
A Little Gold Ring
The Least of Gold Rings
The Least of Gold Rings
The Least of Gold Rings
Old Treasure

No News of Our Riding

Bade to Rule
Bade to Rule
Bade to Rule

Smart and Secret
Orc Quarrels
Orc Quarrels
Orc Quarrels

Dark Tryst
Dark Tryst
Weigh all Things to a Nicety
Weigh all Things to a Nicety
Weigh all Things to a Nicety
Voices of Malice
Voices of Malice
Voices of Malice


Alatar the Hunter
Gandalf the White Rider
Pallado the Soul-keeper
Radagast the Tamer
Saruman the Wise
Dwarven Travelers
Dwarven Travelers
Dwarven Travelers
Ent in Search of Entwives
Ent in Search of Entwives
Ent in Search of Entwives
Scatha at Home
Lord of the Carrock

Times are Evil
Times are Evil
Times are Evil
Foolish Words
Foolish Words
Foolish Words
Shut Yer Mouth
Shut Yer Mouth
Shut Yer Mouth
Lure of Power
Returned Beyond all Hope
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost


Orcs of Dol Guldur
Last Child of Ungoliant
Blasting Fire
Blasting Fire
Magic Ring of Lies
Magic Ring of Lies
Trifling Ring
Trifling Ring
Honey on the Tongue
Honey on the Tongue
Words of Menace and Deceit
Words of Menace and Deceit
While the Yellow Face Sleeps
Crept Along Cleverly

News of Doom
Call of Home
Itangast Ahunt
Something Else at Work
The Ring Will Have One Master
The Will of the Ring
The Ring's Betrayal
The Roving Eye
Veils Flung Away
The Way is Shut
Tidings of Doubt and Danger


Moria, Goblin-gate, Beorn's House => The Least of Gold Rings
Gladden Fields, Bandit Lair => A Little Gold Ring, The Least of Gold Rings
The Lonely Mountain => A Little Gold Ring, The Least of Gold Rings, Old Treasure
Framsburg => Old Treasure

Sarn Goriwing => Blackbole
Shelob's Lair => Last Child of Ungoliant

Carn Dum => Angmarim
Dol Guldur => Orcs of Dol Guldur
Minas Morgul => Morgul-orcs
Barad-dur => Blasting Fire

Deck description

The biggest drawback of the scenario is the Lieutenants.
They are often used, and if opponent plays them, fulfilling the scenario is almost impossible.

It seems weird, but start with only one Lieutenant, the one of Morgul being ranger.
Asternak is the main diplomat character and Layos is his back-up (or even Horseman in the Night).
Odoacer and Uchel are the well-known low-cost rangers.
Doeth is useful as sage for Voices of Malice and Doreals is his back-up.

Deck is based on rings so Whispers of Rings is absolutely needed.
Gold Rings are the most "lesser" to increase chance to find a Magic Ring.

Characters must survive and darkhaven will often be used :
- Troth-ring protects the Lieutenant
- Smart and Secret protects the company
- No News of Our Riding avoids frightening Elves
- Orc Quarrels avoids aa at Bandit Lair, Moria, Goblin-gate, Beorn's House, Framsburg, Sarn Goriwing
- Crept Along Cleverly should be taken from sideboard if needed
- Diversion avoids any attack
- Iron-road allows to return quickly to darkhaven

Bade to Rule is absolutely needed, so there are 3 copies to draw it the sooner possible.
Dark Tryst helps for an even quicker draw too.

If possible Blackbole must be played to avoid opponent doubling allies MP.

Deck as no faction straight in deck.
So hazard-part is the most heavy hinderance for factions :
- Scatha at Home => -1 permanent against all factions
- Lord of the Carrock => -2 permanent against Man factions
- Times are Evil => -3 long against all factions
- Foolish Words => -4 permanent for a character against all factions
- Shut Yer Mouth => -2 permanent for a character against all influences
- Tidings of Doubt and Danger (sideboard) => -2 permanent for Ringwraiths against all influences
Consider using An Unexpected Outpost to recycle Times are Evil in order to play it each turn !

If opponent succeeds though, there's still hazards useful :
- Lure of Power for heavy cc
- News of Doom as a trump card to remove factions
- Golodhros to remove Mordor factions

Hazard creatures is a mix of Dwarves/Maia, and some Ents and Pukel-men.

Play Notes

Doeth must go alone to Barad-dur, playing Voices of Malice and waiting for the Mouth.
The Mouth will control Doeth for a company cost of 9 GI.
They may latter play Blasting Fire from sideboard too.

Meanwhile company of Lieutenant, Asternak, Odoacer and Uchel seeks for rings, avoiding attacks.
Use Iron-road to go quickly back to darkhaven, which automatically tests the ring (and avoid cc and heal following turn).
The goal is to find a Magic Ring of Lies (+3 DI for diplomat) and a Trifling Ring (+ 3 DI against characters).
Additionnaly you have to find an Old Treasure (+1 DI).

When the 3 items are gathered, go to Carn Dum.
Giving all items to Asternak boosts him to 9 DI.
Lieutenant of Angmar may now be his follower for a company cost of 5 GI.
If a ring is missing for the last turn, discard Old Treasure for an additional +3 DI or take from sideboard Honey of the Tongue (+5 DI for diplomat).
If all goes wrong and no item is played, attempt as despair to play Belegorn (home site Carn Dum) and Honey on the Tongue + Words of Menace and Deceit for 12 DI.

Lieutenant of Morgul will finally be alone at Minas Morgul.
Lieutenant of Morgul's "company" costs 9 GI, because he let previously his Troth-ring at Dol Guldur.

Meanwhile Bade to Rule should have been drawn to increase GI to 25.
It's enough for the 3 companies (9+5+9).

With Bade to Rule Indur has 3 DI.
He must sideboard Words of Menace and Deceit and afterwards must never be tapped for sideboard.
The trick is to tap him at end of turn to take Words of Menace and Deceit from discard to hand.
Thus he can play it each turn for +5 DI for a total of +8 DI.
He can have as follower Lieutenant of Guldur bearing Troth-ring (-1 mind).

Battle is now Prepared !

If While the Yellow Face Sleeps was played, hand size is now 12 !
But in fact it's only fun ... because it's useless !
Sideboard is very limited without Indur.
Nobody must move, unless playing Iron-road and highly risking the loss of scenario.
The topmost risk would be seeking for Last Child of Ungoliant ...

All Lieutenants can do is trying to play "their" faction :
- Lieutenant of Morgul for Morgul-orcs
- Lieutenant of Dol Guldur for Orcs of Dol Guldur
- Lieutenant of Angmar for Angmarim (with help of Threats)

It'll be very hard to have 25 MP.
It's the reason why Sudden Call is not in deck.
Finally final MP should be around 20 MP.
The 15 character MP are indeed heavier than all other categories.

MP overview (expected / max)

Characters : 15 / 15
Items : 6 / 13
Factions : 1 / 3
Allies : 2 / 5
Miscellanous : 0 / 1
Kill : 0 / 1
Total : 24 / 38
Hrum, Hoom ! Do not be hasty, that is my motto.

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