Hamburger Scenario Tournament : the Rules

To fulfill a scenario a player has to meet all deck building requirements during the whole game, and additionally the winning requirements for a certain scenario at the end of a game. There are 16 wizard scenarios and 6 ringwraith scenarios...

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Hamburger Scenario Tournament : the Rules

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Scenario tournament in Hamburg : the last rules (used at Lure of MECCG X)

Some additional information: The following scenarios (and the whole tournament format) are only useful/powerful if you play this system more than one tournament. In that case the powerplayers are forced to play the more difficult scenarios after the first tournaments to get the maximum tournament points, while the beginners try to win with the easier scenarios. Second you'll be forced to try new decks, because winning decks will not get the maximum tournament points more than once per player. Our intention was to create a tournament format which forces every player to build new decks after 3 or 4 tournaments, but is still open for beginners and may probably give them some better chances to win than in normal general opponent tournament. In Hamburg we are using this tournament for over three years and are very fond of it.

The Rules: General: With the following annotations normal tournament rules apply:
 We play 2-deck games, so one game lasts 80 minutes (the player who didn't start finishes his turn or gets a final turn).
 You need 25 Marshalling Points to call the council. (Please check the normal tournament rules if you are not familiar with them!)
 You may play only wizard and ringwraith scenarios or normal wizard or ringwraith decks.

Banned Cards: You may not include the following cards in any of your decks:
 Long Winter
 Storms of Ossë
 Foul Fumes
(i.e. no hazard that may tap a site may be included!)

Notice: If you are a beginner and do not want to play a scenario, you do not have to read any further! Just notice the 80 minutes time, the banned cards and 25 Marshalling Points, that's it. (OK, you won't get 12 tournament points if you win, but you can get easily some practice playing meccg and you have the chance to win a game in a tournament.) Tournament Points: The most important difference to a regular tournament is that you do not only get tournament points for marshalling points, but also for fulfilling the requirements of a certain scenario. You can choose one scenario out of more than 20 possible ones (see below).

There are 4 different classes of scores for a player:
A) Losing due to MPs and no scenario fulfilled: => 1 tournament point
B) Losing due to MPs and a scenario fulfilled: => 2 tournament points
C) Winning due to MPs and no scenario fulfilled: => 3 tournament points
D) Winning due to MPs and a scenarion fulfilled: => 12, 8, 5, 3 tournament points
E) Free slot: => 3 tournament points in the first round, 2 tournament points in any futher round

The different tournament points in D are given individually to a player. If a player reaches within a tournament score D with a certain scenario the first time, he gets 12 tournament points. If reaching score D with the same scenario a second time, he gets 8 points, for the third time 5, and finally 3 points for reaching score D for each following round. (Ranking points for a player of scenario tournaments are given as many as the total of his tournament points of all of his games at official scenario tournaments. So a more professional player will reach score D very fast with his deck, but once he had got the 12 tournament points for once scenario he won't get no further 12 tournament points with this scenario. To get 12 tournament points he is forced to.) You may not get 12 tournament points, if you have already won 12 tournament points in this tournament with the other alignment (see below). Notice: You can win two different scenarios with one same deck. (There are some possible scenarios). In the case you may get 12 tournament points for both scenarios! But if you play a ringwraith deck and a wizard deck, you may only win 12 tournament points with one of this two alignments. (This is also to protect beginners with no ringwraith practice, they likely won't play a ringwraith deck.)

Alignments: You are only allowed to play a wizard or a ringwraith deck. Fallen-wizard decks and balrogs decks are not allowed. You may only play a ringwraith deck if your opponent also posses a ringwraith deck, in this case you have to play this ringwraith deck. If you have a ringwraith deck, you must also have a wizard deck, that is to protect the binners for playing against a ringwraith deck.

Notice: Wizard decks are always playing against wizards, ringwraiths are always playing against ringwraiths, so you can directly build your hazard deck for this. Only changing between one wizard and one ringwraith deck is allowed during scenario tournaments. You may not change your wizard deck or your ringwraith deck during the same tournament.

The Scenarios: For each scenario the following applies: To fulfill a scenario a player has to meet all deck building requirements during the whole game and additionally the winning requirements for a certain scenario at the end of a game. You may only refer to the cards in your own deck to meet scenario requirements. Restrictions for bringing a character into play apply only for wizards or ringwraith, where wizards are ringwraiths are explicitly noted.

All Scenarios (DR = deck requirements, WR = winning requirements):

Wizard scenarios
1) The Hobbit
DR: The starting company may only contain the following characters: Bilbo, dwarves with homesite: Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold.
WR: King under the Mountain is in play. The Arkenstone or Returned Exiles is in play. A company has successfully played an item, an ally or a faction at the Lonely Mountain, while one of its characters is King Under The Mountain.

2) Gollum's Fate:
DR: Only the following characters may come into play: Gandalf, Aragorn, Strider, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry.
WR: Gollum's Fate is successfully played.

3) Return of the King:
DR: Aragorn or Strider is played as the first character.
WR: 3 of the following cards are successfully played: Army of the Dead, The White Tree, Return of the King, Choice of Luthien.

4) The Seventh Palantir:
DR: none.
WR: Ithil-stone is stored at Rivendell or Fate of the Ithil-stone is stored at a haven.

5) Alliance of Free Peoples:
DR: none.
WR: Alliance of Free Peoples is in play. A company contains three characters with a mind higher than 6. One of those has to be an Elf, one a Man and one a Dwarf. A company containing these characters has successfully played a Valiant Sword at a normal site (not a haven).

6) The Shire:
DR: none.
WR: Hobbits, Mistress Lobelia, Mallorn and three hobbit characters are in play.

7) Veins of Arda:
DR: Only dwarves may be played as characters.
WR: Mithril is stored at a haven.

8 ) Heirs of Yavanna:
DR: No dwarves may be played as characters. Old Road, Great Road and Bridge may not be played.
WR: 2 woses factions, 3 ents and 5 rangers are in play. Ghân-buri-Ghân, Ôm-buri-Ôm or Pôn-ora-Pôn is in play.

9) The Stones of Feanor:
DR: No hobbits may be played as characters.
WR: 4 different Palantiri have been tapped to use their specific ability.

10) Rebuild the Towns:
DR: none.
WR: Rebuild the Town is played at three different sites: Buhr Widu, Haudh-in-Gwanur, Himring, Ost-en-Edhil or Tharbad.

11) The Rohirrim:
DR: none.
WR: Red Arrow, Riders of Rohan, Shadowfax, Great Shield of Rohan and 4 characters with homesite Edoras are in play.

12) The Daughters of Vaiya:
DR: No Wizard may be played. Only the following characters may be played: Annalena, Arinmir, Arwen, Eowyn, Galadriel, Galva, Peath, Vôteli, Vygavril, Ioreth. Only the following items may be played: Elfstone, Phial of Galadriel, Gems of Arda, Torque of Hues, Necklace of Girion, Jewel of Beleriand, Noldo Lantern, Necklace of Silver and Pearls, Emerald of Doriath, Emerald of the Mariner, Star-glass.
WR: 5 characters are in play and each of them possesses an item. Nenselde the Wingild, Mistress Lobelia or Goldberry is in play.

13) The Firstborn:
DR: none.
WR: Cirdan, Elrond, Glorfindel, Galadriel and Thranduil are in play.

14) The Great Greenwood:
DR: none.
WR: Sauron's holds must be destroyed, the free peoples take the Mirkwood and a king is there: On Sarn Goriwing and Dol Guldur must be played either "Tower Raided" or "Through the gates of Dol Guldur". 3 factions played at sites in the Mirkwood must be in play. An elven-character with a homesite in Mirkwood is in play. Marshalling Points may only played at sites in the Mirkwood (or Sulfur-Deeps). (Notice: The Mirkwood are the following regions: Southern Mirkwood, Western Mirkwood, Heart of Mirkwood and Woodland Realm.)

15) Ithryn Luin:
DR: Only Pallando and Alatar may be used as a wizard. As charaters only Adrazar, Annalena, Arinmir, Beretar, Folko Boffin, Fram Framson, Galva, Haldalam, Peath, Voteli, Vygavril and Wacho may be used.
WR: Men factions with at least 11 Marshalling Points must be in play. These factions must be playable in regions adjacent to the eastern end of the map. Three "Stole Knowledge" cards must be in play.

16) On the earth, in the water and in the air:
DR: none.
WR: A character with no marshalling points must use a ship (Great Ship or Belegaer), a horse (Shadowfax, Bill the Pony oder Noble Steed) and be in the air (Eagle-mounts or Gwaihir). The character must be brought into play at his homesite and must return to his homesite with a minor item. The character must either use the ability of cards mentioned above or the character must successfully play the ally.

Ringwraith scenarios

17) Ride together:
DR: none.
WR: At least 6 ringwraiths play together "Smoke on the Wind" and are afterwards in play. (Code word: Ringwraith-followers)

18) Prepare the battle:
DR: none.
WR: All "Lieutenants" (of Morgul, Dol Guldur and Angmar) and "The Mouth" are in play at their homesites.

19) The ring will of but one master:
DR: none.
WR: "The One Ring" has been played at Bag End and is stored at Barad-dûr. (The gold ring item has to be played and to be tested at Bag End.)

20) The Battle at Pellenor-fields:
DR: none.
WR: At sites in the following regions one faction is in play: Harondr, Khand, Nurn, Horse Plains, Dagorlad, Ûdun, Gorgoroth, Imlad Morgul. "Grond" is in play; afterwards "Smoke on the wind" is successfully played at Minas Tirith.

21) Subdue further men kingdoms:
DR: none.
WR: At six different border-holds the following mashalling points have been played: 2x "Faithless Steward", 2x "Burning Rick, Cot, a. Tree", 2 men factions (any).

22) Domain the Fire:
DR: none.
WR: 5 dragon factions from 5 different regions are in play.

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Re: Hamburger Scenario Tournament : the Rules

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New Wizard scenarios:
23) Reforging
DR: none
WR: Reforge Anduil, Ringil, Belegennon and Horn der Herausforderung. All reforged items are in play at the end of the game.

24) Seven For The Dwarf-Lords
DR: none
WR: Each of the seven dwarven rings has been played and has been in possesion of a dwarv for at least one turn.

25) The King Of Dale
DR: none
WR: Bard the Bowman kills a manifastation of Smaug, being the only member of the party. While doing so he must be in posession of an arrow and a bow. Roäc The Raven must be in play.

New Ringwraith scenarios:
26) Mordor In Arms
DR: Only orc and troll charachters may be played.
WR: Eight unique orc and troll factions are played in Barad Dûr, Cirith Ûngol, or Cirith Gorgor by a leader.

27) Lust For Gold
DB: No orc and troll characters may be played.
WR: Four dwarven characters, Petty-Dwarves and four dwarven rings are in play.

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Re: Hamburger Scenario Tournament : the Rules

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Aswe have several new scenarios and rule changes, I'll spend some time this week to get the rules updated during the week and send this to Wolfgang to post it on the Lure website and mail it to the participants.
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Re: Hamburger Scenario Tournament : the Rules

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This post has been closed because a complete revision of the Hamburger rules has been made in the post "The Hamburger Scenario International Rules"


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