Worlds 2016, Jenins (Switzerland) 30. Sep - 2. Oct

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Re: Worlds 2016, Jenins (Switzerland) 30. Sep - 2. Oct

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Part 3: Saturday Evening - Museums Tour
The tour was just amazing. Bernd Greisinger took us to a journey through Tolkien’s works and life and through middle-earth. The pictures Pawel posted above say everything! After nearly 4 hours we left the museum. Most of us went to the hotel cellar to have more trash talk and drinking. I myself preferred to prepare for the next day instead and have some sleep.

Part 4: Sunday – Finals
I knew that it would be hard to win against Pawel (I assumed that he would continue to play Balrog) and Patric (I was sure that he would play Fallen Radagast again) with my Fallen Radagast deck. That’s why I decided to play a hero One Ring deck in the finals. It is an original deck of me that usually moves on turn 2 to Mount Doom to do some Lucky Searches for rings and scrolls. There was hope that I might be able to make two dunks in three games. That should be enough for winning the finals. With that deck I nearly won German Nats some years ago (only missed four rolls on an eight in the last game) and also was close to winning the GO tourney at Lure two years ago (unfortunately Antonio influenced The One away from me at Mount Doom with three Old Friendships with his “characterless” One Ring deck).

Round 1 vs. Pawel
Pawel played a Balrog deck that is quite flexible in where he plays his MPs. Some Makers Maps, some wolves, some burning. And of course CvCC if a chance occurs. It was on Pawel to start the game. I moved my company to Mount Doom on turn 2. Unfortunately Gandalf was late this time and had to travel all the way to the smoking cone alone on the next turn. Meanwhile Buthrakaur, Bolg and some servants moved to Mount Doom eager to kill some Hobbits (turn 3). There they played a Makers Map and a wolf ally and attacked me. Fortunately I had a Dark Quarrels in hand to cancel his CvCC attempt (edit: hmm, not sure if he really played a wolf ally, if so I wouldn't have been able to play the Dark Quarrels). Buthrakaur’s company then stayed there for the rest of the game trying CvCC every turn. Despite all the CvCC and some Orc creatures attacking my company survived because of Concealments and some lucky rolls. Finally (I think on turn 5) I had a gold ring and the Scroll of Isildur out. One good roll got me The One Ring. Everything went well for me so far. But I was very unlucky not to draw a Cracks of Doom which was among the last five cards in my play deck. That meant one last chance for Pawel to stop me from dunking. And he did very well. Usually I am well protected against Rolled Down but not during this last turn. Thus he played Rolled Down to the Sea three times of which the last one discarded The One Ring. Although Pawel did not have much MPs it was still enough for a 6-0 for him. Meanwhile Patric dunked on Roland at the other table.

Round 2 vs. Roland
Roland played his Mordor-squatter deck which he also had played in the semifinals. In this game almost everything went for me as it should. My deck worked as it was supposed to do. On turn 5 I was standing at Mount Doom with two gold rings and the Scroll of Isildur out. A Cracks of Doom, two Wizard’s Test and two Halfling’s Strength were in my hand. All I needed was to roll an eight or more having four tries. You guess what happened. Chances to get an eight out of four rolls is more than 80%. My rolls were something like 4, 5, 6, and 7. That is really the big downside of a One Ring strategy that you can do everything right but still need the right roll at the right time. So I lost again 0-6 instead of winning 7-0. At the other table Patric dunked against Pawel which meant that he had 14 TP after two rounds and was world champion before the 3rd round was even played.

Round 3 vs. Patric
One Ring vs. One Ring is always a run for the Scroll of Isildur. Patric started, played Radagast and moved his company to Moria. There he played the Scroll on turn 1!!! Ok, I tried to get the One Ring out before him, nevertheless. Before Patric could move to Mount Doom I tested my first gold ring with a Wizard’s Test. I had two rolls. The first roll was not enough. The second roll was…either nine or ten! Because my dice rolled into Patric’s dice we were not sure which belonged to whom. Heiner, who watched the game, and I were not really sure but had a strong feeling that it was a ten. Patric himself was pretty sure, however, that it was a nine. Anyway, we decided to reroll. This time it was not enough for the One Ring. Very sad for me because I didn’t draw my second Wizard’s Test, yet. At least I had a slight chance to delay Paric for another turn. When his company of dwarves and friends moved to Mount Doom we calculated a hazard limit of 9. I tapped Power built by Waiting and discarded Daelomin at Home to increase it to 12! My plan was to tap all his rangers with Adûnaphel and play a River on the site. I could recycle Adûnaphel with Ûvatha and the Mouth and thus tapped three rangers. Including the River I was using up 9 of the total hazard limit of 12 that way. That should be enough I thought. Of the remaining three hazards I used one for tapping Ren which forced Patric to tap a character in support for a corruption check on the Scroll but nothing more happened. I don’t remember what the other two hazards were. At the beginning of the site phase both Patric and I suddenly realized that we had overlooked a ranger! Oin, the fourth ranger, was hiding behind a rock and now stepped forth to cross the River. What a mistake! I could have used Khamûl instead of Adûnaphel. Three times Khamûl would have meant that Patric had to discard his whole hand. Enduring Tales was out, though, so he could have discarded the cards on top of his play deck instead and redraw them at the end of his movement hazard phase. But I had a Many Sorrows in hand which can discard the Enduring Tales. Patric of course tested his gold ring and the first roll was 11. The dunking was almost automatic with A Friend or Three. I think he needed a 4 and rolled exactly a 4. 7-0 for Patric and a whopping 21 TP in the 3 round robin of the finals. Not too bad :wink: Congratulations to Patric!
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Re: Worlds 2016, Jenins (Switzerland) 30. Sep - 2. Oct

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Thanks for the report (and what a pitty that mixed dice roll), hope I can see some deck lisings too in this thread :D

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There's a lot of pictures of the exhibit that shows an alternative version of well-known illustrations from meccg (ex.: Eowyn)... is there a way to get a good scan from this pictures? I'd love to craft, through MSE for example, variations of the current cards...

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