Llinars 2009 - Results

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Llinars 2009 - Results

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Hero Only
1st - Jordi Sorribes
2nd - Jose San
3rd - Thomas Schrei

Minion Sealed
1st - Marc Roca
2nd - Miguel Tarin
3rd - Jose San

Hero Sealed
1º - Miguel Tarin
2º - Antonio Flores
3º - Wolfgang Penetsdorfer

29 ptos.- Jordi Sorribes
21 ptos.- Mark Alfano
21 ptos.- Kike
20 ptos.- Heiner
20 ptos.- Librado Pacha
20 ptos.- Patric Laxander
20 ptos.- Miguel Tarin
20 ptos.- Marc Roca
18 ptos.- Oscar Coromina
17 ptos.- Agustín
16 ptos.- Mario
15 ptos.- Wolfgang
14 ptos.- Antonio Flores
14 ptos.- Christian Jentgens
14 ptos.- Dominic
14 ptos.- Jose San
13 ptos.- Heraclio
8 ptos.- Karsten
8 ptos.- Thomas Schrei
6 ptos.- Mark Khan
Drop.- David Bailon
Drop.- Joe Bisz
Drop.- Fran
Drop.- Neldoreth


1º Jordi Sorribes
2º Heiner Viefhues
3º Mark Alfano
4º Enrique Navarro

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Congrats Jordi! Title back to spain, vice-title back to germany!

Looking forward to read your tournament reports and deck lists. :D
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Congrats Jordi!!!!!!!!!!!

And is Heiner now going back to 2 then 3 then 4? ;)
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I´d like to add that there was an Arda tournament as well. We played three games (one game each day) and at the end the one with most MPs of all 3 games won the title. I think Joe will post results as soon as he has returned home.
I also brought Nico's Dream Card Challenge Decks to Worlds. Unfortunately there was no DCCD tournament. We just played a few games for fun.

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Jordi is da man :D

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