2009 - A New Way to Run Worlds? Or, "The Long Expected Party&q

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2009 - A New Way to Run Worlds? Or, "The Long Expected Party&q

Post by Frodo »

A New Way to Run Worlds? Or, "The Long Expected Party"

Hello everyone, and an especially big hello to the Spanish Worlds organizers.

As you are hopefully aware, there was a big discussion going on about how to possibly re-structure the MECCG Worlds event so that it appeals to more players. This conversation began in Antwerp, Belgium at Worlds 2008 when it became apparent that many players who love the game of MECCG did not come to Worlds because they saw the event as being equivalent to stressful competitive events with deck types that have not changed over the years.

The conversation was brought to the attention of the player public through my posting of a letter in the GENERAL forum called “Saving the Game of MECCG.” I have quoted a relevant part of the letter at the end of this message. The conversation is continuing right now in two different places, namely the forum GENERAL - "Joe's LetterPart3 Tourney Scene Frustration" http://www.councilofelrond.org/forum/vi ... =8766#8766
and also a secondary forum that is slightly more off-topic but still relevant as a whole in GENERAL - “Tournament Frustration, AKA A response to Joe’s Letter.” Just scroll down to the post from Bruce that contains the bolded statement “the COE should officially codify casual gaming” http://www.councilofelrond.org/forum/vi ... =8538#8538 .

My questions are addressed to the potential attendees of Worlds 2009, and also to the gracious organizers of Worlds.

My questions are, to the Players: how do the players feel about implementing some of these ideas in the upcoming Worlds 2009? If there was something you could change about the way Worlds is held (such as the elimination of the qualifier round before semis), what would it be?

To the Organizers: Do the organizers have any feelings or opinions on what the overall structure, name, or intent of the Worlds event should be? Would the organizers be willing to hear the COE’s recommendations or suggestions for this event?

I understand that ultimately, there needs to be a consensus on recommendations to follow, and that those recommendations should come from the Council of Elrond. Nevertheless, I would like to have that conversation started **now**.

Also to the organizers: Thank you immensely for doing all this hard work to bring us another Worlds!! I hope that with your continued help, and the input of our player base, we can continue to evolve the game and its gatherings in a direction that will best serve as many of us as possible.


Frodo (Joe Bisz)

Worlds Tournament: Okay, here’s the biggie. At Worlds in Belgium I spoke with countless people who had heard of many MECCG players that didn’t attend Worlds because of the Friday qualifier, because of the competition, because of the deck types. Some of these same players still went to LURE or other events, but Worlds was out. Now, it is the intention of the community to make Worlds more than just about the Worlds events, which is why there are so many side events offered. However, it was pointed out that the overarching feeling or aura associated with this event is one of uber high-level competition and uncreative atmosphere for playing games.

The Solution: A somewhat radical but still heavily favored solution was framed by several of the Worlds organizers and attendees, and now awaits discussion by you, the community. The solution is to dump the idea of the Worlds-centered event entirely, and replace it with a annual week-long MECCG gathering that is held in a different country every year, as per the rules for Worlds. This gathering would focus on countless tournament and side events, designated and pre-planned site-seeing trips, good food and cheer, and two Worlds rounds positioned at the end of the gathering, the semis and the finals (thus abandoning the Friday qualifier). Even the name of this gathering would change; it would now be called, “The Long Expected Party” (and kudos to Kris for this stupendous title), and Worlds itself would become one of the (hopefully still attended) side events.

The advantages of this format would be many. The only possible disadvantage I can think of is that some players may like the purist aspect of a Worlds-only occasion. Such players may not even be interested in mixing fun and sociality with the competition known as Worlds. But the problem with keeping this separation can be spelled out in one simple sentence: nobody is coming to Worlds. That’s right, the numbers have dwindled to very few. The average MECCG player is a social person (witness the success of LURE), and we need to give that player what is wanted. If we continue to keep holding separate Worlds events, who exactly are we holding them for? Our game can only survive by evolving to the needs of its players. Let’s give them what they want—and increase our numbers at the same time.

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Post by Leon »

If I attend Worlds, I will most certainly not participate in the main event. I prefer sealed, virtual etc and some casual play. So I will cheer for any more steps in that direction.

Is there more information somewhere about how many days Worlds will be? I would like a quite long event, at least 4 days but a week would be better. Then you really have time for some relaxed card games, socializing etc. and it would justify the journey for me.
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Post by Balin »

As far as I know, Worlds 09 will be held from Friday to Sunday. Anyway, I have just asked Marc Roca, our organizer, if it would possible to start on Thursday. I prefer so, more days = more fun. In that case, I could run a tourney based on the 'Battle of Five Armies' scenario, as we played during last Europeans.

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Post by Smaug the Magnificent »

this is a good idea, i like it. but do they have to be so exclusionary?

i think a close on a week event that is very relaxed and sightseeing and so on, make sense for people who want to sightsee, socialise and play some games. and not waste their holidays totally, could be good for the family even!

and the worlds take place as per usual during the end of that week.
i havent been to worlds before, but a qualifier doesnt seem such a bad idea to me, i leave it to the experts to say it should be disbanded or not.

it should be a summer event, ideally as far away from lure as possible so everyone gets their twice yearly fix, spaced out. maybe a mid august date or late late july date?

i would be willing to host such an event in cork city in ireland for next summer if the dates are right. there is a strong and healthy role playing/wargaming club in the university here who have run a healthy convention for 20 years so no problems there. and id easily sort out a range of other things amenties, facilities, outings and so on at decent prices. what kind of numbers are we talking here?

ps love the name, long expected party, cool!
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