Lure XIII Program - Discussion

The largest MECCG convention worldwide, located at an atmospheric castle in the heart of Europe. No important tournaments or championships are played at the Lure. Instead innovative ways to play our game are offered.
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Re: Lure XIII Program - Discussion

Post by zirilan »

January is aslmost over, so last time for those who didn't gave input yet.

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Re: Lure XIII Program - Discussion

Post by Pentaar »

Just one quick this year the Framsons will attend again, at least there are three additional sealed players available.
The format we are looking forward to the most always is sealed as we are not attending the general opponent anymore :)

Unfortunately I was not able to check the Lure page. As Wolfgang indicated already it seems to be down a little longer.
Therefore I do not know how the program looks like now, but hopefully there are some sealed tournaments planned.
Especially as, after years, we plan to be there for the Friday events already.

Looking very much forward to see all of you again...
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