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CoE Forums Update

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Today I updated the CoE Forum to the latest major version, which brings a lot of new features to the user interface and the administration backend. If you are interested, provides a full list of all feaures compared to the old version. The main reason for this update was that the number of spam registrations increased drasitcally in the last weeks. With the new version I hope the Middle-earth community is untroubled with those issues for a long time again!
  • Additionally, for new registrations an advanced textual confirmation system is now deployed. To distinguish between spam bots and humans (especially MECCG players ;) ) self-defined Middle-earth related questions help to identify valid registrations. If you like, you can help me to define new questions, such as "Frodo and Bilbo are ... ? with the answer "hobbits". Questions should be easy enough to allow a registration for each interested user, but difficult enough to avoid answers like "yes" and "no" ;-)
  • If you like to run the board in your native language, please look in the User Control Panel if it is available. I installed a couple of languages: Czech, Dutch, German, English (US), English (UK), Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Swedish. If your language is missing, please write me a message.
  • If you like to upload an avatar picture, it is now possible again. I fixed the upload settings for the image upload.
If you find any bugs, please write a message to me. Thanks & enjoy your discussions in the CoE forums!


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