Getting Started

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Getting Started

Post by zarathustra »

This project has the goal of creating a closed circuit of Intermediate Challenge Decks for play on GCCG and eventually in tournaments. With that in view, we have several criteria for the decks

(1) They must be balanced against one another.
(2) They must have high replay value.
(3) They must have interesting themes, strategies, missions, etc.
(4) They ought to be constructible by tournament organizers from an extensive collection (i.e., we will not put the same rare cards in all decks).

We begin this project looking to make 10 decks: 3 hero, 2 fallen wizard, 3 ringwraith, 1 Sauron, 1 Balrog. In future, we may add more decks to this group.

Note: For each of the "showcase" forums there is a semi-private "development" forum where the items in the showcase are worked up. If you are interested in helping with development, just let the moderator of the group running the project (in this case, Mark Alfano) know.
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Post by Nerdmeetsyou »

Why don't be start with the original challenge decks and alter them IF THEY ARE UNBALANCED??? are they?

and then move on to create new ones that fit to their power level???
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Post by Leon »

I am thinking of creating several decks that should be playable vs each other. So far I have been able to interest my girlfriend a bit in meccg but the challenge decks get boring pretty fast. If I have these decks I can send along the deck list and let you guys discuss it. I try to use a whole lot of different characters and missions and such, but I am not concerned with rarity of cards at the moment.
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Post by Frodo »

Hello Leon, your new decks sound very interesting. My girlfriend too is interested in the challenge decks and they will eventually get boring but I don't think we've played them out enough yet.

You (and anyone else reading this who is interested) should ask Mark to be added as a member to the "development" forum so you can see what we are planning there.

Everyone else--this thread was meant just for Mark's "all about the ICDs" post, so let's keep other posts in the "Discussing the Decks" thread.


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