Dwarf avatar or at least head minion

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Dwarf avatar or at least head minion

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I like to have a player in Fate lead by a Dwarf; I do not expect an avatar card but to at least
build dwarf companies. Here is a card that mirrors A Few Trusty Lads:

[Mind: 8, DI: 1, P/B: 6/8, Home Sites: Angurath]
Unique. Leader. +3 direct influence against Dwarves. When he is at any Ancient Dwarf-hold, you may keep one more card than normal in your hand.

Playable on a company if you have a dwarf in play with a normal mind of 6 or more. You cannot reveal an avatar. You can play this card in your starting company in lieu of an item. Your highest mind character must always be a unique dwarf. +2 DI against Dwarf characters for your unique dwarf leaders. Two dwarf leaders may be in the same company outside the organization phase at a non-haven site. You may play Warlord’s Lair on any hidden site that is normally a Ruins in a Wilderness. Tap to take Warlord’s Lair from your discard pile to your hand. Cannot be duplicated by a given player.
...include the effect of using sideboard too.

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