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The Court of Ardor has returned to their citadels after centuries in the East.
Minions will search for last items of power, guild items, and two Jewels of Unlight.
Also some animal factions and ents will be recruited to help in finding the Jewels.
Beware. All is not what it seems. Are any Guild of Element members lurking under
the trees or behind that painting in the meeting room?

Court Member Fëatur from Engkîr searches for secrets about the lost jewels.
This Mistress of Orbs is joined by her brethren Knight of Orbs Valandor and Lady of Orbs Tirial.

Airatano rules Ithilkîr as its master, but he waits until the ceremony nears.
In his stead are Herald of Staves Palandor and Lord of Orbs Ardaron.
Both will use spirit-magic to bend their will onto others.

Six from Naurlindol conspire to control the slopes of the Yellow Mountains.
Rilia is the master and court member.
Joining her another Noldo the Lady of Staves Sirnaur using sorcery.
Valnaur Knight of Staves also casts sorcery. Valglin and Linsûl are local to the Uttersouth.
Mornaur is the Lord of Staves.

From the foothills of the Mountain sits Menelcarca. Ardûval is its master.
He watches the stars. Herald of Orbs Arduin joins him wearing rings of influence.

Morthaur represents the Citadel of Ardor. He is among the Suit of Darkness.
As one born in Aman this Noldo has great power of persuasion over those that never sat under the Two Trees.

Valkrist has come from Tirgoroth. He is its master loaning is combat mind.
Themes include three Guild of Element items helping with spell casting, earning loyalties from
animal factions, and evil ents. Magic wielded include spirit-magic. No elves are shadow-mages.

All spirit-mages are in this deck. Seven Court Members are in this group.

Sites were selected to be west of the Usakan Bay. The Ardan Citadels targeted for this player
include: Engîr, Menelcarca, Naurlindol, and Taurang.

Hazards are single strike, high prowess creatures. Several Fallen-wizard hazards are found.

This player is west of Usakan Bay while the fallen-wizard is most east of the waters. Yet, that fallen-wizard
will make a wizard haven in Tanturak.

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