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Court elves split into two decks. Each deck will try to play two Jewels of Unlight, special
ring items, tried to keep elves of the same home site in the same deck.

Court1 tries to stay east of Usakan Bay. Court2 stays west of Usakan Bay.
Court1 likes sorcery with some shadow-magic. Court2 likes spirit-magic.
Some elves are in neither deck: Ardana, Morfuin, Morelen,Airatano.
Thought of giving the demon characters to other players; maybe used
as Game Point selections.
Will allow elves to heal at any Ardan Citadel. Nice to have character
abilities like shuffling a used magic event, but with so many cards in the deck
those special abilities are weaken.


The Court of Ardor has returned to their citadels after centuries in the East. Minions will search
for last items of power, guild items, and two Jewels of Unlight. Also some factions will be
recruited to help in finding the Jewels. Beware. All is not what it seems. Are any Guild of
Element members lurking under the trees or behind that painting in the meeting room?

Two Court Members from Aurax-Dûr seek to wreck destruction from their island realm.
Gorthaur has forsaken his assignment during Sauron’s invasion of Hollin. Then he traveled to
Mumakan to rule as the god-king Jí Amaav. The returning Ringwraith put a stop to that. This

Noldo is the Master of Aurax-Dûr and Camring are from the Suit of Helms.
Cambragol rules Mirisgroth as its master. Curubor and the Noldo are from the Suit of Swords.
Also among this Suit are Sûlherok, the Lord of Swords (Sûldun), and the Lady of Swords
(Elendor) from Tirgoroth. Thus, weapons will be a key tool for success.

Taurclax is the master of Taurang in the Suit of Helms. With him is Khelekar. Sarkarxë and
Silion hail from that tower. Home to the Winds a sense of stealth is among these renegade elves.

Valmorgûl represents the Citadel of Ardor and is the High Warden of the Tower. He is among
the Suit of Darkness. An infrequent guest of the balrogs he learned the ways of fire essence
spells. Let him burn his way through the Uttersouth.

Themes include weapons of power and fear, combat including those using winds such as Wind
assassins, and a Falcon of Ardor. Magic wielded include sorcery and shadow-magic. No elves are
spirit-mages. Three sorcery users and three of the four dark elves that can use shadow-magic are
in this deck. Seven Court Members are in this group.

Sites were selected to be east of the Usakan Bay. The Ardan Citadels targeted for this player
include: Aurax-Dûr, Mirisgroth, Taurang, and Tirgoroth. Four of these sites are in Coastal Seas.

Main opponent is the Guild of Elements.

My Precious will be put into sideboard on start of Warlord Phase

I like this deck for its five companies that can join. One company has magic and good prowess to tackle tough automatic-attacks. Another will have flying allies to CvCC, some more plays the factions, and two 7 prowess elves with Thong of Fire can also CvCC or be bodyguards for another company. Once the third deck rolls around with few cards in the deck; it will get scary in the canopy.
Update with two Court decks; 50 player Avatar Deck
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