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For the last two fortnights, I have been playtesting a grey agent player - Thorongil.

The idea is for the Smeagol player to gain MPs and get the One Ring.
Thorongil will attempt to rotate Where the Stars are Strange four times,
then hunt for Smeagol/Gollum by Turn 20; end of the Warlord phase.
The Avatar Deck is now 20 turns.

The attached PDF is the cards I have in play on Turn 10 of a practice game.
I wrote code to load a file for me to see the beautiful artwork.
The first set of cards shown are in the hand. Then backs of cards to give a break,
then you will see the permanent-events in play, another break of cards,
then the companies. I have made Thorongil/Strider specific cards, which all but
one is in play, but I added it at the end to show you "Eagle of the Star."
This player will "end" at end of the Avatar Deck with the option to gift his cards
to another White Player including Narsil, Where the Stars are Stranges 4 MP, Ring of Detection,
and hopefully Strider controlling Gollum. I will show the deck, new rules, and practice game later.

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter
{file was deleted on 8/11 due to its large size}

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Re: 1699-Thorongil

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Attached is the file for the deck, game notes, and commentary.

Thorongil devotes much effort rotating Where the Stars are Strange 4x.
What else is there to do? He could instead play stolen knowledge (Dark Numbers,
Knowledge of the Enemy, War Preparations) but that requires
movement with no purpose until the card is drawn. He can move
over the map until he draws Athelas to tap a site with healing at Hero havens.
Visiting two shadow-holds will be dangerous; it is an idea but no player of the 24 heroes had
Where the Stars are Strange.

Early practice games had Travel Far and Wide with Forodwaith, Haradwaith, and Rhun
in the deck. I can see using these cards if also using stolen knowledge, but one
must be able to grab the three territory events when needed (7 cards vs x2 athelas+ WSaS = 4 more slots).
If the three territorial cards can be grabbed from sideboard or discard pile, then
I can replace the WSaS idea.

This player has no cards in the sideboard. Smoke Rings is absent. Use Wingfoot to grab Fo,Hd,Rh?
There is only one chance to capture Smeagol using On the Precious unless Ordered to Kill
is used if My Precious is also in play with Smeagol. Yes, my precious. The other avatar can
attack during its hazard turn if the agent hazard card is in play too; they move as one Smeagol and My Precious.
We likes it.
practice game and deck notes
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