Hello from a new player, and a request for help.

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Hello from a new player, and a request for help.

Post by Ravenarchon »

Hey all! As the title implies I'm new. So new in fact that I've never even played the game, altho I do have a binder full of wizards cards, the map, and some burning eye dice.

Anyway the reason I havn't played yet is a complicated jumble of little reasons. I don't really have anyone to play with, altho I could probably con my brothers into playing. But more then that even after reading all the rules through I still don't really think I have the know how to make enjoyable decks. Anything I came up with probably wouldn't have any synergy.

I don't learn very well through reading. I really need to get into the game to 'get it', but without decks I've kind'a catch 22'd myself.

So as for the request. I was wondering if anyone here knows of any lists of like premade decks of some kind? Something I could just put together, and then get to know till I start figuring out more of the game's mechanics. Of if such a thing doesn't exsist, if someone could maybe give me a layout of a couple basic decks I could try?

I know it's a fairly tall order, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I really like how this game looks, but having a rules sheet and a pile of cards just confuses me.

Oh, I know this makes it even harder, but I only own cards from "The Wizards". I didn't want to jump into the other expansions till I figured out the core set so to speak. I have almost a compleat set of the wizards, but I am missing a couple rares.

Anyway thanks in advance for any help. And I hope I'm not comming off as too much of a noob.

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Post by Bandobras Took »

I highly recommend that you check out GCCG. As an isolated player, it's what I commonly use. There's also a few sample Wizards-only decklists here.

And welcome!

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Post by Nknma »

You may also find this section of meccg.net forum helpful.

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Post by Ravenarchon »

Thanks for the links! These look like they may be what I wanted.

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Post by Olorin »

Another idea is to Ebay a box of the preset challenge decks that were published. You get 10 complete decks with sideboards that are ready to go and balanced. This makes it great for learning and playing against someone who will also be using your cards. (aka brothers). I haven't chekced recently, but I picked mine up for like $30-35. Then as you collect more you can modify the challenge decks or rob form them to build your own form scratch.

They even come with how-to-play them tips.

Hope that helps.

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Nothing better than meeting players to get started

Post by gollum51 »

I was for a few years in your situation, i.e. owning lot of cards (and even the guidebooks) but never getting to play.

What really unlocked the situation for me was when I attended my first tournament/convention: Lure of Middle Earth. There is always someone kind enough to spend a bit of time to take you through the game. There is also often the possibility to play tournaments that do not require a deck (i.e. sealed or challenge deck).
And the amount of enthiusasm in the room for two days really makes you start!

So if you have a chance to attend such an event, do not hesitate. If you live in Europe, the best you can do is turn up in Germany at Lure of Middle Earth IX in February!

Hopefully, see you there.

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Post by Frodo »

Our noob mentioned he was not a good learner by reading.

This reminds me that we really need a You-Tube Video explaining the game, as mentioned in my recent letter summarizing some of the obstacles.

If anyone is interested in designing such a video--not necessarily shooting it, but figuring out on paper what it might look like--please contact me!


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