A Bedtime Story for my Son

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This was based on my first game in the Summer 2022 sealed game tournament; it was such a great game (for me) that I retold it to my 7yo son that evening. Thought that y'all might enjoy it - seriously, what other CCG provides such rich stories like this?!? :)


Once upon a time, there was an incredible ranger named Strider who had a plan to unite the land against an evil sorcerer named Sauron. There was another group of adventurers trying to unite the kingdom before he could, so he knew that he needed to move fast.

On his quest, Strider had gathered a few companions: Beregond, an old knight; Annalena, an elf; and two dwarves: a dwarven warrior name Gimli and a silly little dwarf named Bombur. Just as they were heading out, they were joined by a powerful wizard, Pallando, who heard about their plan and wanted to help.

They headed out from an elvish fortress to a nearby town called Bree, where Strider had some ranger friends to recruit to their cause. But on the way, they got some bad news: Gimli had to go Home to help with something. Fortunately the rest of them made it and they were able to get Strider's friends on board.

From there they headed south, to the Old Forest, where Pallando knew another powerful wizard named Tom. Then they had a tough decision: Pallando and Tom decided to head back to the elvish fortress to wait for Gimli while Strider headed onward with just Beregond, Annalena, and Bombur.

They kept going south to an old abandoned tower on the coast, where Strider had once hidden a special sword. There were huge spiders there, as big as people, but Strider was able to sneak by and get the sword so that he could give it to Beregond the old knight. They made a quick trip across the mountains to recruit a tree guy, but he didn't want to leave the forest so Bombur the little dwarf agreed to stay with him and await Strider's signal.

Strider kept going, now with just Beregond and Annalena. He took them to a boat that he'd hidden back at the tower and headed out across the ocean, to an island where a dragon lived - but they got lucky again when the dragon ended up being not at home, and Strider was able to get a magical sword for himself.

At this point, Beregond and Strider were starting to get jealous with Greed over each others' swords, so Strider knew that he had no choice: he revealed himself to be Aragorn, the rightful heir to the throne, and ordered Beregond to follow him to a nearby port where they could rest up. Beregond agreed.

Meanwhile, Gimli had returned to the elvish fortress and set off again with the two wizards, Pallando and Tom. They went to a creepy place with haunted skeletons, but Tom made quick work of them and Gimli found an awesome dwarven axe. Then they headed to a nearby mountain that was way taller than everything around it to hope and pray that they'd get a sign from Strider.

Aragorn, Beregond, and Annalena arrived at the port and it ended up being just as Glamourous as they'd hoped. Once they were feeling better, Aragorn told Beregond to stay and try to recruit the knights who lived there while he left with just Annalena.

The two of them set off for the capitol city where the castle was, but then, at the worst possible moment, they were ambushed and Annalena was so gravely injured that she couldn't help anymore. Just as Pallando Dreamed on the mountain, Aragorn made it to the city, way too exhausted to recruit the guards to his cause, but he was able to crawl up to the capitol at the last possible moment and declare himself the King.

In the epilogue, the dwarf Gimli became too obsessed with his axe and ran off with it, but the kingdom all agreed that Strider aka Aragorn was the best king anyway and agreed to unite to his cause forever.
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Love it! The Strider Who Would Be King (or, The Dwarf Who Couldn't Stay on Task)
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Very cute story!
In defense of some other games, many can be used to tell wonderful stories. Of course, they don't compare to these tales since we know and love these characters so much and it is fun to see them do other things and have other adventures.
For a decade or so I played Legend of the 5 Rings, which had a mythical Japanese/Eastern theme to it. At one point, they had a storyteller who would wander around a major tournament and make observations at tables. Then, between rounds she would tell the story of her observation. It was an amazing display of improvisation. L5R as it was know was also famous for letting players and tournaments determine the outcome of world events in their fictional world. Needless to say, many players found this "power" over the course of the game addictive.
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