Curiosity: Killed by Abductor #2

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The Wizards: Abductor
Rarity: Common, Precise: CA1

Hazard: Creature

Men. One strike. Each non-Wizard defending character wounded by the Abductor is discarded. "Suddenly he seized them. The strength in his long arms and shoulders was terrifying. He tucked them one under each armpit, and crushed them fiercely to his sides; a great stifling hand was clapped over each of their mouths."-LotRIII
CRF wrote:Annotation 19: Following each successful strike or failed strike, a body check must
be rolled (unless the failed strike has no body). However, if the strike calls for any
special actions to follow it (e.g., a character wounded by "William" may be required
to discard his items), these special actions are resolved before the body check.
body check is the first declared action in a nested chain of effects that immediately
follows the strike dice-roll and special actions resulting from the strike. Other actions
may be declared in response to a body check, in the same chain of effects, but these
are limited to those actions that directly affect the body check dice- roll. E.g., Tookish
Blood could not be declared in response to the body check caused by Giant Spiders
wounding a Hobbit. No action may be declared in response to a special action
resulting from a strike unless the special action is a dice-rolling action, i.e., a special
action is generally considered synonymous with the strike dice-roll. If the special
action is a dice-rolling action, an action may be declared in response to it if the action
directly affects the dice-roll.
Underline mine.
The Dragons: Magical Harp
Rarity: Uncommon, Precise: U2

Resource: Major Item

Unique. Hoard item. Tap Magical Harp to cancel all actions for the rest of the turn that discard target character in bearer's company. Bearer makes a corruption check. This item may also be so tapped during opponent's site phase. "Then the dwarves themselves brought forth harps and instruments regained from the hoard, and made music to soften his mood..."-Hob

If character under tapping effect of Magical Harp is wounded by Abductor then the special action "discard the character" is called. The action has no effect so body check is performed and potentially may cause elimination of the character.
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