Healing corruption check's result (bullshit?)

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Healing corruption check's result (bullshit?)

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Lidless Eye wrote:Corruption Check: A dice roll a character makes if called for. If the result is greater than the character's accumulated
corruption, nothing happens. If the result is equal or one less than a minion's accumulated corruption, the minion
becomes tapped
(a hero would be discarded). If the roll is two or more less than the a minion's accumulated corruption,
the minion is eliminated and all cards on him are discarded (the same for a hero).
Underline mine.
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Re: Healing corruption check's result (bullshit?)

Post by Theo »

I'd say an oversight. It certainly does not match:
MELE CORRUPTION CHECKS wrote:The Character Taps – If the modified result is equal to the character’s corruption point total or one less than the character’s corruption point total, the character is very tempted but does not fail the corruption check. If the character is untapped, tap the character.
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