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Was the idea of this card not that the company at Morannon tries to overpower Sauron by violence? I think any group trying this should already have the One Ring when moving into Gorgoroth. Yes, that is dangerous, but this card is meant to be so.

Also if the name is Morannon, Dagorlad and Udun should be connected for movement and the normal restrictions to Gorgoroth on region movement should not apply.

The back door aproach is to dunk the One Ring in Mount Doom. The front door is battle and facing down Sauron. I do not think there should be more options with the One or connections between the two aproaches.
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I know it's alot of post, but people please read carefully.

What Frodo and I have been discussing here doesn't essentially change Morannon V 0.9 at all. The idea is: Hero Leader moves via Morannon to Barad-dur, battles away the opposition, carries The One and challenges Sauron in a duel, becoming a new ringlord for the forces of good.

In addition, I tried to make the card thus, that you can stay at Morannon (i.e. Cirith Gorgor), while your opponent is preparing the dunk. This resembles the fact that Aragorn offered himself up at Morannon in order to draw out Saurons forces to give the ringbearer a better chance to dunk. Since this is then a joint effort, you both deserve to win, or to lose. Consequences are pretty experimental (or as Vastor says, really mental :wink: ), but that's part of the appeal and fun here.
So am I to understand you don't like the concept of a forced draw?

Cracks of Doom V is still dunking at Mount Doom. Essentially it's apart from Morannon, a dunk player can also use it against a Morannon player, and like I said Morannon still executes the same way, with added benefit. And with added difficulties, because staying at Cirith Gorgor/B-dur even more than 1 turn is no picknick.

The specific movement applies to move to a site in Gorgoroth, you can still move to Udun via Gorgoroth. Site-hopping is not moving, so I suppose there's no problem there.
Nevertheless, one thing I didn't think about is that it will take you 5 regions to get there from Minas Tirith. And of course it is strange to move through Gorgoroth first, that's right. Hmmm, have to invent something for that. Thanks. A simple 'move from Dagorlad to Udun' should be good, but oh boy card is already cramped that much :cry:
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I think this makes it all TOO difficult!!!!

why make it difficulter as it already is!!!

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