[Deck hero] March of the Ents

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[Deck hero] March of the Ents

Post by Fangorn »

This is my second Dreamcards deck, and I chose to built it around my favorite race, the Onodrim.
Ents arouse and become unexpectedly one the major force within the struggle at the End of the Third Age (which give the name of the deck).

Ents are convinced by Galadriel and Celeborn, the mighty Elves (Royal Duo, When a Man Loves a Woman) of the close land of Lorien (Elves of Lothlorien).
Elves are the most suitable because they were those who once taught the Onodrim to speak (Ancient Knowledge).

Galadriel (Very Active Governess) and Celeborn have gathered some trusted Elves (Looking from Mind to Mind) which have lore about Ents :
- Elven Handmaid, who knows all songs about Ents,
- Wood-elf, who knows how travelling through a forest without disturbing awakened trees,
- Taurnil, who talks Entish,
- Striukir, who heard rumors of Entwives in the Northern Waste,
- Thranduil, Lord of the once-called Greenwood the Great, whose realm covers forest where awakened trees live,
- Glorfindel II and Gildor Inglorion, which haved already seen Ents during their wanderings.
They're helped too by Robin Smallburrow, inhabitant of the Shire where lots of tales talk about walking trees.

The main reason which explain this activity is the recent visit (Welcome by Lord and Lady) of Pallando, one of the blue Istari who was for centuries in mission in the lands East of Rhovanion.
He indeed found tracks of the Entwives !
They leave Lorien well-equiped with the famous bows (Great Bow of Yew).

They go to Wellinghall, the Ent-house of the mightiest Ent, Treebeard.
They meet there some of most important Ents (New Best Friend).
Robin drink Ent-draught at the source of the Entwash.

Treebeard called the special meeting in Derndingle (Entmoot) to gather all shepherds of trees (Tree-herder).
There's no word to describe the feelings of Ents when informed about the Entwives.
A fearless Ent (Beechbone) propose to go straight to find them ; he could go everywhere for this (Almost You Felt like the Forest).
But the wise Treebeard, using his motto not to be too hasty, argue it has no sense if their forest is destroyed when they'll return (Fire Unwatched).

Treebeard and Leaflock (Fangorn and Finglas) awaken the Entwood (Tauremorlanome) to finish their reclusive life (Protecting their Domain).
They thus unleash the fury of its inhabitants (Wrath of the Olvar) while calling their Valie for protection (Yavanna's Plea).
They especially want to crush the Orcs (Memories of Axe-wielders) with an increasing rage (Curse Him, Root and Branch).
Every place in the forest (Sentinel of the Grove) is now lethal (Dark Heart) for their ennemies.

So Ents decide first to march out of their domain (Last March of the Ents) towards Isengard to stop Saruman's lust of power (Lure of Magic).
To Isengard! Though Isengard be ringed and barred with doors of stone;
Though Isengard be strong and hard, as cold as stone and bare as bone,
We go, we go, we go to war, to hew the stone and break the door;
For bole and bought are burning now, the furnace roars - we go to war!
To land of gloom with tramp of doom, with roll of drum, we come, we come;
To Isengard with doom we come!
With dome we come, with doom we come!

Now Saruman and his lackey (Grima Wormtongue) will pay for dreadful deeds and so events are beginning to slip for him (The Wind is Turning).
After destroying the threat of the fallen Wizard (Hew the Stone), Ents have no burden left to accomplish the great deed of their race.

Based on clues of Pallando (Much-trodden Path), they walk during thousands and thousands of Ent-strides to a clearing in the far away Taur Romen (Miraeron).
And finally they find there their lost wives (Entwives) and Treebeard his beloved Fimbrethil (Wandlimb) who cares about a wounded Ent-maiden (Willowshanks).
Now the Onodrim is no more a doomed race and Entings will born again !!!

[DC] stands for a Dreamcard.

Character Pool

Starting Company
Galadriel (+ Elf-stone)
Robin Smallburrow (+ Healing Herbs)
[DC MEFB] Elven Handmaid
(+ [DC MEFB] Welcome by Lord and Lady)

In deck
Gildor Inglorion
[DC MENW] Striukir
[DC MEFB] Wood-elf

Not in deck
Glorfindel II
[DC MERS] Taurnil

Wizards and Characters



[DC METI] Beechbone

Ents of Fangorn
[DC MEFB] Elves of Lothlorien

[DC MEFB] Great Bow of Yew
Twice-baked Cakes

[DC MEFB] Royal Duo

[DC METI] Entmoot
[DC METI] Last March of the Ents
[DC MEWR] When a Man Loves a Woman
[DC MEFB] Looking from Mind to Mind
[DC MERS] New Best Friend
[DC MEFB] Ancient Knowledge
[DC MEWR] The Wind is Turning
Marvels Told
Marvels Told
Master of Wood, Water and Hill
A Friend or Three
A Friend or Three
Smoke Rings
Smoke Rings
Longbottom Leaf


Ent in Search of the Entwives
Ent in Search of the Entwives
Ent in Search of the Entwives
Old Man Willow
Old Man Willow
Old Man Willow
[DC MEFB] Tree-herder
[DC MEFB] Tree-herder

[DC MEFB] Fangorn
[DC MEFB] Finglas
Smaug at Home

[DC METI] Tauremorlanome
[DC MEFB] Protecting their Domain
[DC MEFB] Protecting their Domain
[DC MEFB] Wrath of the Olvar
[DC MEFB] Wrath of the Olvar
[DC MEFB] Wrath of the Olvar
[DC MEFB] Yavanna's Plea
[DC MERS] His Own Master
[DC MERS] Thrice-told Tales
[DC MEGW] Frightful Guardian
No Way Forward
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost
Power Built by Waiting


vs. all
[DC METI] Hew the Stone
[DC METI] Miraeron
[DC METI] Entwives
[DC METI] Wandlimb
[DC METI] Willowshanks
[DC METI] Almost You Felt like the Forest
[DC MEFB] Very Active Governess
[DC MEFB] Spirit of Celebrian
When You Know More
[DC MEFB] Crisfuin
[DC MEDF] Pocket Handkerchief
[DC MERS] Much-trodden Path
[DC MEMN] Fake
[DC MEMN] Bound Up with It
[DC MEWR] Watchers at the Gate
[DC MEWR] Too Much to Ask
[DC METI] Memories of Axe-wielders
[DC MENW] Fell Bear
Reluctant Final Parting
Withered Lands

vs. Hero
[DC MEFB] Curse Him, Root and Branch
[DC MEFB] He is Lost to Us
[DC MEWR] Heritage Forsaken
[DC MENW] Mordo
[DC METI] Grima Wormtongue
Diminish and Depart
Drowning Seas

vs. Minion
[DC METN] Lure of Magic
[DC MEWR] Engines of Defense
[DC MEWR] Faction En Garde
[DC MEWR] Last Army of the West
[DC MEWR] Taint of Glory
Radagast the Tamer
Gandalf the White Rider

vs. Fallen
[DC MEFB] Sentinel of the Grove
[DC MEFB] Dark Heart
[DC MERS] Many Burdens
[DC MEKN] Fire Unwatched
[DC MEWR] Politics
[DC MEDF] All This Dwarvish Racket
Echoes of the Song
Heart Grown Cold
Nature's Revenge
Blind to the West

vs. Grey
[DC MEGW] Birthspot
[DC MEGW] Dragon's Sleep
[DC MEGW] Riches Gathered
[DC MEGW] Cursed Treasure
[DC MEGW] Great Northern Bear
[DC MEGW] Angurth Ahunt
[DC MERS] No Memory of this Place
[DC MERS] Capricious Spirit
The Way is Shut
Fled into Darkness


Wellinghall, Entmoot => Treebeard, Leaflock, Skinbark, Quickbeam, Beechbone, Ents of Fangorn, Ent-draught, Twice-baked Cakes
Lorien => Elves of Lothlorien
Glittering Caves, Isengard => Great Bow of Yew, Glamdring
Isengard => Hew the Stone
Miraeron => Entwives, Wandlimb, Willowshanks
Amon Hen => When You Know More
Moria => Crisfuin

Play tips

Starting company is designed to :
- have 2 characters with homesite Lorien (Galadriel, Celeborn, Elven Handmaid, Taurnil), in order to play Welcome by Lord and Lady,
- have Galadriel and Celeborn (Royal Duo, When a Man Loves a Woman),
- have 2 characters suitable for Ancient Knowledge (Galadriel and Celeborn),
- have several sages (Fireworks, Marvels Told, Master of Wood, Water, or Hill),
- have a Hobbit (Ents of Fangorn, Last March of the Ents),
- free general influence.

Keep at all cost Galadriel and Celeborn alive, which are the key characters of the deck.
2 cards boost them, Royal Duo and When a Man Loves a Woman.
Robin is absolutely (and only) needed for Last March of the Ents and helpfull to influence the Ents of Fangorn.
Elven Handmaid is used for Marvels Told and Master of Wood, Water or Hill ; and for untapping Galadriel or Celeborn with Looking from Mind to Mind.

In case opponent plays Galadriel Elf-lord, Thranduil is the back-up of Galadriel.
Royal Duo is replaced by When You Know More, to avoid opponent doubling miscellanous MPs.
When a Man Loves a Woman is replaced by Pocket Hankerchief (because almost no free GI !).
If Celeborn is bounced too, Glorfindel II is the back-up.

Allies is the most numerous category with 5 Ents (and 2 additional in sideboard) ; it's the reason why having comfortable amount of unused GI is needed against Call of Home.
Galadriel controls Celeborn with Elf-stone and Elven Handmaid for free, which gives 8 unused GI.
With When a Man Loves a Woman, Celeborn controls Galadriel with Elf-stone.

Welcome by Lord and Lady allows to start game at Lorien, and allow to bring Pallando into play at Lorien.
Pallando is very useful with extended hand size, which is helpfull for big combos.

There are no ranger in the starting company, but it doesn't really matter because this company will only move to Wellinghall during the first turns.
All others characters in deck are rangers, because Pallando's company will always move.
Wood-elf must be played if opponent plays with awakened plant too.
Pallando's company may join Galadriel's one or replace it in Wellinghall, depending on MPs draw.

Unless Elves of Lothlorien is in hand, move first turn to Wellinghall, where 5 allies and a faction is playable.
If you have many in hand, choose :
- firstly Leaflock (wonderful ability), unless Fladrif hasn't yet been played,
- secondly Treebeard (sage), unless Fangorn hasn't yet been played,
- thirdly Beechbone (to enrage others), unless Last March of the Ents is already in play (remember, unlike others Ents, he cannot move through Rohan and Anduin Vales),
- fourthly Skinbark (huge prowess),
- fifly Quickbeam.

Consider waiting for A Friend or Three to be sure to successfully influence Ents of Fangorn with Robin, Galadriel (if controlled by Celeborn) or Celeborn (if he controls Galadriel and Royal Duo is in play).
Don't forget to play the Ent-draught, if possible on Galadriel to make her stronger.
Note that Twice-baked Cakes must be played in Wellinghall too.
The card which most hurt is Siege ; if opponent plays this very annoying card, sideboard Engines of Defense.

Entmoot is playable as soon as an Ent ally is played.
With 3 Fireworks and Entmoot, Ents of Fangorn and 4 among 5 Ent allies may be played.
Just be sure to NEVER leave a tapped Wellinghall, until the few last turns before end of game.
Galadriel (or Pallando) is character playing Fireworks ; don't forget to use Looking from Mind to Mind if in play to make her usable the following turn.
With New Best Friend, it's possible to "transfer" (during end of turn phase) an Ent ally from a weak character (Robin, Elven Handmaid, ...) to a strong character (Celeborn, Galadriel, Pallando).

One of the goals is to make the powerhouse Ents able to face any attack.
This can be done with Last March of the Ents or with a wounded Beechbone.
Escape must thus be sideboarded once Beechbone is played.

Great Bow of Yew is best for Celeborn, and Glamdring best for Galadriel.
If none have been played near end of game, sideboard Crisfuin once Pallando is in play.

When Royal Duo is played, sideboard immediately Very Active Governess.
Note that CC is automatically successfull if When a Man Loves a Woman is in play.
With Very Active Governess Galadriel is very powerful ; note ability may be used each phase, not each turn !

As soon as 2 Ent allies are played, sideboard Hew the Stone.
If possible, play an item before playing it.
When played, don't forget to discard an opponent stage ressource, which often occur with all Lord alignements.
Hew the Stone is easy to play if Last March of the Ents is in play.
If neither Last March of the Ents nor wounded Beechbone is in play, consider sideboarding :
- Almost You Felt like the Forest (note this card must anyway be sideboarded if opponent plays with awakened plant too),
- Spirit of Celebrian (note this card must anyway be sideboarded if opponent plays Orcs).

If neither Royal Duo nor Hew the Stone have been played near end of game, sideboard When You Know More to avoid opponent doubling miscellanous MPs.

Near the end of the game, sideboard in the following order Miraeron, Entwives, Wandlimb and Willowshanks.
Requirement for playing Miraeron are :
- start at Lorien,
- discard Ancient Knowledge (which was played on either Galadriel or Celeborn),
- discard Twice-baked Cakes to allow to move through the 6 regions (Wold and Foothills, Brown Lands, Dagorlad, Horse Plains, Gaer Rhunen, Taur Romen).
Remark : use The Wind is Turning if No Way Forward is in play and sideboard Much-trodden Path if opponent plays roadblock.
Requirement to have a good chance to play Entwives (+8 to influence attempt) are :
- Ents of Fangorn are in play,
- 2 Ent allies are in the company.
Do not play Willowshanks unless Entwives have been played.

Hazard part is naturally an heavy awakened plant theme which best creature and most relevant for thematic is Ent in Search of the Entwives.
Otherwise, creatures hit mostly Wilderness (1 for Huorn, 2 for Old Man Willow, 3 for Tree-herder).
Tauremorlanome will help with adding a Wilderness at the cost of the discard of an awakened plant.
Normally Tauremorlanome doesn't backfire because some Ent allies should have been played.
If opponent plays with Doors of Night, sideboard Withered Lands.

Attacks are huge (although sometimes detainment) with all enhancers :
- Protecting their Domain for prowess,
- Wrath of the Olvar for strikes,
- Yavanna's Plea for body.
Will all 3 enhancers a mere Huorn becomes 2@13/4 chooses and Ent in Search of the Entwives an almost unbeatable 2@17/9 chooses !

Additionally sideboard :
- Memories of Axe-wielders if opponent plays with Dwarves, Men, Orcs and/or Trolls,
- Curse Him, Root and Branch if he is Dwarf-lord or Fallen-wizard or else He is Lost to Us if he is another Lord,
- Sentinel of the Grove and Dark Heart against a Fallen-wizard (and if needed Nature's Revenge).

Fangorn allows to take back Ent in Search of the Entwives (if Treebeard is not in play, otherwise use for Tauremorlanome).
Finglas is a bad surprise for opponent (if Leaflock is not in play, otherwise use for Tauremorlanome).
Power Built by Waiting helps for combos.

One of the goals is to double ally points.
Key hazard card is His Own Master, which is a pain for opponent relying on "small" allies.
Use Thrice-told Tales on a non-moving sage to hinder opponent to remove it.
If opponent has nonetheless played a small ally, sideboard Too Much to Ask.
If opponent's companies move far away from ally's site, sideboard Reluctant Final Parting.
Against a Balrog player which stays under-deeps, sideboard Capricious Spirit.

No Way Forward disturbs opponent's long-travelling companies and doesn't backfire because own companies travel through few regions,
Pukel-men and Frightful Guardian fill holes of hazard part.
Sideboard contains hazard specific against specific Dreamcards alignment.

MP overview (expected / max)
Characters : 8 / 12
Items : 4 / 7
Factions : 5 / 7
Allies : 10 / 14
Miscellanous : 5 / 6
Kill : 0 / 2
Total : 32 / 48
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Re: [Deck hero] March of the Ents

Post by Fangorn »

Before going far away to Taur Romen, an old establishment of Entwives was found not far from Fangorn, located at Hermit's Hill.
It seems Entwives lived there at the same time when they lived in Brown Lands.

From a gameplay point of view, when I first played the deck, Entwives were playable in Wilderland.
I used to turn Brown Lands into a wilderness with Master of Wood, Water or Hill (to make the region hospitable for Entwives).
Brown Lands being no more a shadow-land, Entwives were then playable in Wold and Foothills, furthermore at Hermit's Hill.
It was one of the reason why I chose Galadriel and Celeborn when I designed the deck (due to closeness).
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Re: [Deck hero] March of the Ents

Post by Thorsten the Traveller »

This is a cool theme deck, and it works too, as I had the privilige to loose against it at Lure (and it won the tourney - I played Fallen Radagast with basically the same resources and hazards, so it kinda teamed up on us. :wink: ). And I'm happy to see even the latest cool Ent cards are now included. Thanks for this thorough deck review.

some minor things:
- We're still not sure on Looking from Mind to Mind as it's very strong, perhaps it will change to untap only wizards and high mind elves, then the Handmaid will be less useful for that, so keep track of any possible changes with this card.
- Keep a lookout also for future new Hobbits, as we intend to add a few cool ones, and Milo Burrows is certainly going to be perfect in this deck, as you don't start with rangers. For that reason I would add Taurnil to deck anyway even if you don't bounce characters, or even Orophin, rather than Gildor/Striukir, as they can be picked up easily by any character not just your wizard.

- Playing Tauremornalome (the dark side of Fangorn forest) while squatting in Fangorn is always tricky, so take care to bring an Ent along when moving for some protection.
- You could change the balance to 2x Entmoot and 2x Fireworks, because if Galadriel is wounded/killed/or not there you can still use Entmoot, and you can of course also Fireworks Entmoot, so it's more flexible (though bit more dangerous for moving more, it's a matter of preference).
- I personally think Radagast is still cooler thematically than Pallando, and moving back and forth between Entmoot and Lorien you can draw 3 cards extra, which is also good, especially for a squatter deck.
- Personally I'd take a chance with the factions and not use Friend or Three, but rather Houses of Healing, as assassins are common. The Ents faction is not crucial for any other cards, you don't suffer corruption really, your company is small anyway so the bonus isn't that big, and there is always Smoke Rings.
- I personally like to get my Longbottoms from sideboard, as they tend to be in your first hand otherwise...
- Why not add a Mallorn-dweller? Useful and thematic , more so with Master of Wood, Water and Hill as you can reduce double Wilder to single :wink:
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Re: [Deck hero] March of the Ents

Post by Fangorn »

Thanks, as the complete review took me lots of time !

- Since long I'm convinced Looking from Mind to Mind is too powerful.
- A new ranger Hobbit would be indeed perfect.
- I will change Gildor Inglorion for a Mallorn-dweller, which has the advantage too to have Lorien as home site (for Welcome by Lord and Lady)
- I will exchange Taurnil (in deck) and Striukir (not in deck) after character draft.
- Tauremornalome must indeed be played with care and for example not the first turn when no Ent ally has been yet played.
- I admit Radagast is cooler thematically (although Radagast may have never travelled east of Rhovanion to find tracks of Entwives), but he is unfortunately not sage.
- I don't want to play with 2 Entmoot, because in my opinion it should be unique (see http://www.councilofelrond.org/forum/vi ... =22&t=1433)
- I will instead replace A Friend or Three by Tempering Friendship, and I prefer having 2 in deck, because Ents of Fangorn are crucial for the main goal of the deck (influence the Entwives).
- I would rather exchange New Best Friend for Houses of Healing, but in this case it's one less Dreamcard in deck.
For avoiding a wound by Assassin, Leaflock helps a lot or else Ents may tap to cancel 2 attacks.
If wounded, Ents may heal at Wellinghall and Healing Herbs may be used for characters.
Hrum, Hoom ! Do not be hasty, that is my motto.

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