(minor) search card display glitch

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(minor) search card display glitch

Post by Theo »

Issue does NOT limit ability to use.

Starting sometime this year, I noticed that if I have a search that few results (say, number of columns), the card display can mess up, putting a card that it could fit on the next line and bringing a scrollbar way in from the side. I'm on Firefox at the moment, but I'll check on Chrome another time. If I zoom out and then back in it fixes itself, but if I then zoom in and then back out it reappears (or can appear even when it didn't originally). If I switch to a different tab ("Chat") and switch back it can fix itself, but if I type the same search again it reappears.
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Re: (minor) search card display glitch

Post by rezwits »

Yeah right now there are some funky, "rendering engine" errors. Especially depending on what browser, and if you recently force reloaded or not. I am going to be trying to clean things up when I continue to work on the "libraries, frameworks, and packages" dealing with browser diffences at first.

Thanks, you're not the only one, thankfully these are just "cosmetic."
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