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periphery improvement notes

Post by Theo »

Some "it would be nice if"s that I noticed in recent play:

... face-down cards used as hosts were referenced by location rather than name (problem for at least generic /host as well as Never Seen Him).
... Pocketed Robes auto untapped with characters (I assume this is a more general permanent-event problem?).
... Nature's Revenge was clickable to activate hosting.
... Barrow-blade was clickable to activate hosting.

These last three are easy enough to do with the existing tools. That first one is probably above ultra-low priority though.
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Re: periphery improvement notes

Post by CDavis7M »

Yes, when hosting "never seen him" on agent Ivic using the /hr command, the opponent can see that the card was hosted to "Ivic" :oops:

Is there already an alternative command that suppresses this notification?

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Re: periphery improvement notes

Post by rezwits »

This will be getting solved when I get a few days of nothing to do LOL, ha jk but,

Here is the thing:

There are some requests that are like BOOM DONE.

Then there are other requests that require, messing with other parts of "Existing Code" and how other code works, which in turn requires, YOU GUESSED IT: Extensive Testing (or at least SOME testing), to make sure other things don't get broke.

/hr and /hh will be the goto:

host revealed and host hidden.
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