Saved Games are Ready!

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Saved Games are Ready!

Post by rezwits »

Saved Games Ready!

Obivously do a FORCE RELOAD to get the update.

So this took me about two weeks to figure out the proper direction to go for saving the games.

The gui is a little flimsy but works, if you make Save Game changes you need to refresh your browser, not a force reload, just a reload.

When you first make a game all player(s) will get a storage copy, and then it's up to you to click the "Save game" up at the top while in game.

When either play clicks "Save game" both players saved game copies are updated.

When you reload for now you have to click your alignment and deck, but they are ignored when loading the game. Also, the save doesn't store whose turn it is and where you are at exactly, the save just starts with the person who created the games Untap Phase. You have to go thru the menus and pass turn...

I will make this prettier in the future, but for now LET'S PLAY!! damn!


remember this a beta for now, and all previous promises in the CoE forum are pushed back a month, this was of paramount importance! ;)

p.s. Now that the game has a save option, I'll be here Sunday, 10:30 am PST till 4:30 pm PST, watching 🏈 Football (NFL Redzone)
and looking to play or do tutorial games!! you can msg me on here NP...
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Re: Saved Games are Ready!

Post by thefloriantrout »

this is a fantastic feature. thanks!!!

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