Icy Touch (errata + clarification)

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Re: Icy Touch (errata + clarification)

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Konrad Klar wrote:
Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:57 pm
There is a limit of one Corruption card that may be played on given character per turn. There is no limit of Corruption cards that may be placed on given character per turn.
The METW and MELE rules restricting the "play" of corruption cards do not mention "placing" of corruption cards. First, note that the METW corruption cards are not "played" on a character (they just give corruption points to a target character), whereas the corresponding MELE corruption cards are "playable on" certain characters. So maybe we should give this rule some leeway.

Second, the ICE Netrep did not see any difference between "playing" or "placing" a corruption card on a character: of course Morgul-knife may not be "placed" on a character if Lure of Nature was already "played" on them that same turn.


So a corruption card may not be played on a character that had Icy Touch placed on them that same turn.

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