Fortress of the Towers

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Fortress of the Towers

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I propose the following erratum:

Unique. May not be a starting stage card. Playable if you are Alatar, Pallando, or Saruman. Playable on the White Towers. The White Towers is protected. Other Fallen-wizards may not use the Wizardhaven card for The White Towers. Cards that give marshalling points cannot be played at any version of the site by your opponent in all cases. Discard this card when the site is discarded or returned to its location deck.

Original phrase "are not playable at the site" replaced by bold text has two problems:
- it introduces strange concept of "playability per player",
- it affects only the copy of the White Towers on which it is played, breaking a sense of restriction imposed on opponents.
We will not speak of such things even in the morning of the Shire.

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