join forces with other CCGs ...

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join forces with other CCGs ...

Post by thorondor »

i have received an email today by scott church, who is quite active in promoting the SWCCG (which is in a similar situation as MECCG). he is also an MECCG player. i give the text in full here:
Hello Wolfgang,

I just was put in as the Marketing Advocate for the PC of the Star Wars CCCG game by Decipher. The PC was formed when Decipher lost the game and I wanted to see if we could open up a discussion about events that the MECCG runs each year. I play both SWCCG and MECCG as well as many other card games.

The SW PC has figured out that we need to join together with other games in the same situation that we are in so that we can better survive in the future and help reduce costs of our world championships and bigger events.

I want to maybe joining with you to figure out if running events with each other would be helpful and possibly get other games to join with us in running events around the same time/place. This will help reduce costs as well as get more people together for gaming, maybe helping each others player bases grow.

We hold about 4 big US events each year and a few big events in Europe each year. I would be glad to plan things with the MECCG and see if we can't work on doing events together.

I'm also going to propose this to other games like us, including Star Trek CCG, WWE Raw Deal, Overpower and so forth.

Let me know if this is something that you would like to look into more or if the MECCG would not be interested in working on scheduling events together or if you would be interested in working with other games as well.

Take care,

Scott Church

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Post by Ringbearer »

I would vote yes to this, sounds like a plan. Might be good to even link to this mail on Joe's statement post.
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Post by Tegarend »

I am no longer active in the European SW community, but I do know about everybody in Europe still playing the SWCCG. Mail me if you can use my help here ...

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Post by Sfan »

We could give it a try. As long as we don't have to sign any long term contracts this looks like a great chance to benefit from synergy effects.

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Post by Shapeshifter »

Yes, give it a try!


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