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update of the COE homepage

Post by thorondor »

after browsinf through our home here i found out, that we need a few updates. i iwll use the menu structure for a better overview:

main page:
should be okay. but some updates at the worlds homepage would be very good!!

should be okay

current members:
current COE is upddated. but we really should check the non-voting members. also we should have their emailaddress available and up.

past councils:
session 07/08 is missing

major decisions:
well, it was not that much in the last time, wasnt it???

national councils:
i check some of the sites and addresses provided, but then stopped. there is a lot of work to do to update this.

international tourneys:
worlds 08 is not up yet.
also i see no reason to have the benelux open there any longer.
and i suggest to have the official GCCG tourney up there as well.

thats really nicely done.
though i am eagerly awaiting the all in one file rulessheet.
also, why not having the CRF up there?

most of it looks very good.
the last newsletter is not up yet.
the Council Formation Help really needs an overhowl.
with the mailing list system i am not happy at all. more suggestions about this in a specific thread.
i think the NetRep team needs an update. also it woul dbe nice to have their emailaddresses available there. at least of THE NetRep, just in case i would like to ask him something.

clicking on the link to Arcos shop is leading to treebeard. com. and treebeard has grown treeish for some time.
also prunesquallor has not been active for quite some time.
i suggest adding http://trade.mahasamatman.com/, since there is still a big trading community there for MECCG. i dont think chris sees this as a rivalry ...
are there not more good homepages out there, that might be interesting for MECCG players??

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Post by zarathustra »

I fixed the links page. More work when I have a moment.


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