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Post by Sauron »

Hi Folks,

I know that there is some funds left in the treasury.

I have a proposal for what we could do with the funds.

Proposal A
We use some of the funds to buy some of the product out there on the internet to use for prize support and to keep it in our community.

I recently saw an ATS Box go for like 125 and Balrog Set for 225. It would be good to get some of this rarer stuff back into people we know and be given out to the community.

Proposal B
We use the funds to get Die Casts made for the CoL Coins. Once the Die Casts are made, we can get coins printed relatively cheap. Again this would go toward prize support.

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Post by zarathustra »

Not sure if everyone is familiar with the CoL coins that were given out as prizes. They are pretty neat. I think that if we make coins, though, they should be CoE coins.... Do we have a graphic artist who could make designs for them?

A third option would be to make wizard's rings. I have one that could be used as a model.

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Post by Shapeshifter »

Last year I had the idea to make gold, silver and bronze medals for german nationals. The front showing the burning eye, not sure about the other side. I never got any reply from the factory I asked here in germany concerning the moulds, though.

I also like the idea of CoE coins.

Wizard Rings... hmmm... always the problem that rings do not fit every finger (unless it's the One Ring :lol: ).

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Post by thorondor »

i very much like brians proposal B.
some COE dice or coins would be great!!

i dont think we should use money for cards stuff.
in case we pruchase a balrog set. for sure this is going to be a big prize. but who is going to win a big prize like this? probably one of the top players that do not need it anyway.
also, having our own COE prizes is so much cooler!!

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Post by Ringbearer »

Rings or coins would be nice. Maybe we can make come copies of wizards ring, ring of barahir and so on.
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Post by zarathustra »

I agree with Wolfgang, with one exception: Challenge decks. Since these are such good teaching tools, it might be nice to have a few in the CoE treasury. Wolfgang or Marc Roca could hold onto them and distribute them at tournaments and events like LURE.


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