Hello and Goodbye

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Hello and Goodbye

Post by jhunholz »

As the new chairman, I want to first say thanks to everyone for their contributions over the last year. We got a lot done! Let's hope that this year we will be just as productive.

I also want to welcome our new members. You should be able to post on the CoE boards now. I've also left our 3 departing members with their old privledges, so they can post any parting comments they would like before signing off. Next week, I will change their status back to normal.

charles jenkins
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Congratulations to the new members of the CoE. Good luck.

Goodbye for now. I look forward to seeing some of you in NY NY in July.
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Good Work to everybody!

I think you'll do a great job. Always think for the best of our community.

To Josh: I'll keep the "italian national council representative" in the forum.
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