Wormtunge V?

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yep, second ability is a bit hard... imagine wormtongue chasing his opponent every turn and then opponent can't do nothing until he steals him from you.. hmmm

All in all it is a great card :)

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Post by Leon »

I agree with Boderhamster. This is interesting for Arda perhaps, but in normal MECCG the agent version of Wormtongue is quite sufficient and I do not see this card adding much.

Especially since there are plenty of allies in Rohan and nearby Wellinghall.

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well you got 35% chance of losing your 2 mp ally to your opponent, so I don't think you'd be using him to hunt opponent down, unless you are Saruman and combine it with an active influence deck. But the -2 could be skipped and chances would be almost equal. Actually the -2 was meant to defend against opponent coming for you :wink:
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