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This locked thread will contain a list of rulings and clarifications on the Virtual Cards so that you may have a better playing experience with them. Since the Virtual Cards Set is not an official expansion, the Lead Designer (Joe Bisz) is in charge of these rulings (not the NetRep). The thread is divided into RULINGS: GENERAL and RULINGS BY CARD TITLE.

Please do not post messages to this forum. Questions can be posted under threads referring to the individual card titles.


∑ Any card making reference to another card title in its text is considered to be referring to the virtual version as well, unless the card explicitly mentions the (V) version.
--For example: Many Colored Robes (original edition) can now grab First of the Order (V) and First of the Order (original).
--Another example: Black Rider (V) can grab Black Horse (V) and Black Horse (original edition).
--Last example: Adunaphel Unleashed (V) says "Adunaphel Unleashed (V) cannot be duplicated." This means the original can still be played if the virtual version is on table.

∑ Rulings on cards (such as in the CRF or COE Digests) include only the original versions of those cards, unless a ruling mentions the virtual version (V).
--For example: The Nazgul Are Abroad (V) is still playable against a Ringwraith opponent.


Black Horse
A play deck/sb cannot have more than 3 of the virtual version, and never more than 9 total (virtual and normal, as per normal BH text). I.e. You may have 3 virtual Black Horses and 6 normal in your deck.

More than one BH in a company traveling through a suitable region increases the hand-size cumulatively for the rest of the turn.

Cup of Farewell
A hero company only "splits off" once, so multiple females in a company will only let you use its "whenever a hero company splits" effect once.

If you have multiple copies of CoF on table, the effects are duplicated.

Horns, Horns, Horns
The resource player cannot receive MP for killing his own Witch-King hazard event because of rulebook rules. If you kill your opponent's Witch-King, of course you would get the MPs.

Bane prevents all searching of the deck, so Bane would prevent HHH's ability.

If the Witch-king of Angmar is used as the nazgul attack, it uses the prowess/body values on the Witch-King’s card, modified by the MP value of HHH.

Pledge of Conduct does NOT work on Morannon’s (V) CC from the One Ring for the same reason that it doesn't work on Cracks of Dooms: the card requires the "bearer" to "make a corruption check." Pledge transfers the One Ring instantly and so fizzles Morannon's targetting of the original One Ring bearer, and Morannon is discarded.

The Great Goblin
Since allies cannot be targeted to be taken prisoner [CRF], if “the first successful strike” of this card targeted an ally, the prisoner-taking effect would not be applied. Instead, the prisoner-taking effect would wait for the next successful strike (and then take effect provided there was a legal target).

Usriev of Treachery
Treat this attack like a hazard creature attack with one strike. The resource player may choose any untapped character to face the strike. Otherwise, the hazard player may choose a tapped character to face it. A character with an inverted Usriev can never attack himself.


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