Duel Cards for V2 or V3???

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Duel Cards for V2 or V3???

Post by Nerdmeetsyou »

We talked a lot back then about Avatar Battle cards.
Which I would like to call "Duel"- Cards.

A way of letting your Avatar fight against an opponents avatar... Not in a company VS company battle, but just one on one, under specific requierments!

So the final question would be, do we want them for a futur V-Set or not?
should we think further about this posibility???

My idear would be the following. To associate the following basic rule with DUEL cards:
They can only be played during the site phase, instead of making an influence attempt OR a company vs company battle.
They have a specific target which is the opposing character requiered!
And they allways consist of the basic Idear, that you make an opposing ROLL with your opponent, which is modified in a certain way.
Then - there are three different outcomes:
You have the same total - nothing happens.
You win - Something stated on the card happens.
You loose - Something bad for you stated on the card happens.

here some examples as i had imagend it!
( They might not be balanced or anything, it's just to give you an basic idear of what i was thinking about!)

Will you not come down

Hero Recource Short Event
Duel. Target: Wizard or Fallen-Wizard
modiefiers: Free direkt influence (+3 for diplomats, +2 if untaped, +2 if you are Hero)
You win: Opponents avatar must make a corruption check modified by -2 if he is hero or by subtracting the number of stage points which are more than three.
You loose: Your wizard must make a body check (no wounding) and if he fails, he is discarded.

True Fana

Hero REcource Short event
Duel. Target: Orc or Troll charcter, or the Balrog
modifiers: Prowless (+2 if untapped, +2 if not a shadow or darkhold or minion-haven, -2 if not a warrior)
You win: your opponents character is wounded, no body check requiered, and splits of into a new company at an ajecent underdeep site or a site in an ajecent region.
You loose: your character becomes wounded.

some fallen wizard card

Falen wizard recource permanent event
Duel. Target: wizard or fallen-wizard.
modifiers: General Infulence (+2 if opponent is wizard, -2 if your company is overt, +1 for each character in your company)
you win: Take the opponents character as a prisoner at the nearest wizard haven and place this card with with that haven. Rescue attack is: Half-Orcs - 5@9.
you loose: your wizard must make a corruption check modified by -3

I hope you get the idear...
hope to hear some coments on this!

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Post by marcos »

i must say that, from all the ideas we had about battles, this is one of the best i saw. Though we must think on balanced win/lose effects

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Post by Nerdmeetsyou »

I will try to come up with some testable cards....

we definitly need a minion card for ringwraiths that forces the character to do a corruption check if you win! (that seems quiet thematic for me.)


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