[V suggestion] Bade to Rule (for a Witch-King strategy)

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[V suggestion] Bade to Rule (for a Witch-King strategy)

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Bade to Rule (V)
Playable if The Witch-king is your Ringwraith. His home site becomes Carn Dum. If the Witch-King is at or moving from Carn Dum (or a site with Carn Dum as the nearest haven) and you have the following number of non-character marshalling points at Carn Dum:
The Sorcerer-King Has Returned 0+: You may take Orc-Mounts, Fell Winter, Freeze the Flesh, Govern the Storms, or Join With that Power into hand from your discard pile or play deck at the end of each turn.
His Breath is Deadly 5+: You may attach defeated creatures affected by Bitter Cold to Carn Dum for +1 MP.
His Cold Arm Has Grown Long 15+: The Witch-King need not be at the appropriate site for influence attempts or playing Hounds of Sauron. Such sites are limited to a number of regions distant from him equal to his direct influence.
=144 words (too many)

Explanation: It has a neat “wintery” theme as opposed to just card-searching with no theme at all, and also represents the rising power and influence of the Sorcerer-King and his lair. Making it kick in only after 1 MP (rather than zero) is too weak because even if your first-turn company gets even one MP somewhere, then bring that point back to base, you can’t start using these abilities until the end of turn 2 (so basically turn 3). I haven’t studied the game effects/balance of using these cards in depth, I was mostly thinking about the fun factor, so comments on this issue would be welcome. I guess the WK shouldn’t be allowed to have RW followers if you use this card.

This is too many words at present, so I think the best thing to do would be to split it up onto two cards. For instance, keep this first paragraph on Bade to Rule (v), and the other 3 paragraphs would then go on By the Ringwraith’s Word (V).
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good idea to introduce some angmar strategy, that's sorely needed.

as general remark, so much new cards are focussed on improving card management for other cards, which thematically is nice but all in all it gets a bit too much, don't you think? recycle this, grab that...so I like the other two abilities better, especially the bitter cold one, though once more you depend on opponent for mp's.

getting Fell Winter might be very good. Freeze the Flesh is very good in a deck where you intentionally wound/kill your maggots at the auto attack, though if that's tourney winning I don't know :lol:

on another note, how do you mean to get 15 mp's non char at Card Dum? that's big.

WK doesn't need to be at Carn Dum for this, so with WKU and iron crown his DI could be 8, he can influence dragons or even southrons, how's that for the king of cold?
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