German promo's and Virtual games


do you like to explicitely accept the use of german promo's in the virtual setting

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no, keep everything vague
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no. let's state explicitely that they can not be used.
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German promo's and Virtual games

Post by Leon »

This question is only about the german promo's, not about any of the other UEPs.

Can we state explicitely in the text with the virtual sets that the german promo's are playable in any virtual game?

I know any tournament organizer can make his own decisions, but if you state it as the designers with the set it is probably easily accepted. Right now it is undefined. I would like to see a general choice in favour or against the german promo's.

If you choose option 2 or 3, please give me some arguments. I like those cards.

The reason for these cards and not the other UEP is that this is very easy to remember and makes the difference between using a card or not at all, not a little bit of card text. Also, I even prefer option 3 over 2. Let's take a side.

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Post by Bandobras Took »

Please see the "Ground Rules for using Virtual Cards" thread stickied at the top of the forum, where it is already explicitly stated that the nine german promos are allowed.

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Post by marcos »

some virtual cards ONLY works with such german promos, that is why it was decided from the beggining that they are allowed in virtual games


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