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GCCG Tournament report

Post by Bandobras Took »

After a brief stint with Minion last year, I decided to lose with my tried and true Fallen Saruman fetish.

Unfortunately, due to a scripting error, my perfectly legal deck was deemed illegal in GCCG, so I had to go with another. I decided to run my New Ringlord deck (the resource portion can be found at meccg.net) and REALLY lose with style.

In my first round vs. Vastor, Mionid managed to corrupt out while transferring a Binding Ring. This happened to be the same turn in which Vastor, out of the 100 cards in his deck, had both Rolled and Mouth of Sauron in his hand. The upshot was the loss of my other Binding Ring and the Precious Gold Ring I had been hoping to play that turn. I managed to get a Ring and the Scroll to Isengard, but the Ring Test was to no avail -- Vastor gets 6 points.

My next game was against HexDrake, who was running a Radagast Wolf-Squat with Roadblock hazards. Lots of Skin-Changers, Snowstorms, Long Winters; etc.

Thanks to some lucky sideboarding, I got my Promptings of Wisdom into play early enough to not be mired. Unfortunately, while Eradan was patiently waiting at the Stones for his Prompted Ranger escorts, he got nailed by a couple of Cave-Drakes, and my Dark Trysts did not reveal any Crept Alongs; he survived the first but not the second, and thus perished my Scroll.

As it turned out, though, the Scroll would not have made a difference, as I couldn't roll above a six for Ring Tests that game, anyway.

Still, in all, it was a fun experience. The nice part about any well-managed dunk decks is it puts the win squarely on the dice -- I lost both games off of the Ring Test rolls, which I don't mind. It was a fun experience and a large one -- there was even this complete stranger named Miguel who expressed some interest in learning about the game. :)

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Post by Vastor Peredhil »

Hi all,

thx b_took for these kind words ;) I was really luck in this game (which was about to hunt me down in my second game vs karmi) as all my rolls where good, and as b_took played drop and run hazards I could blow all my cancellers fast on out attacks so even less rolls needed; still an his last turn b_took manage to go through Unabated stones with elf-twin brothers and Arinimir unharmed w/o any helpers, so he devered to get another shout at the ring, which luckily for me didn't make. fun game though as we both have pretty untourney-like decks (at least if you are going for wins)
In my first round vs. Vastor, Mionid managed to corrupt out while transferring a Binding Ring. This happened to be the same turn in which Vastor, out of the 100 cards in his deck, had both Rolled and Mouth of Sauron in his hand. The upshot was the loss of my other Binding Ring and the Precious Gold Ring I had been hoping to play that turn. I managed to get a Ring and the Scroll to Isengard, but the Ring Test was to no avail -- Vastor gets 6 points.
best example for my lucky draws

mfg Nicolai aka vastor

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Post by Nknma »

Here's another short tourney report.

First of all I'd like to thank all my opponents for the games and for their patience. Last time I played before this tournament was during summer and that was with challenge decks. So some of the more complicated cards and play sequences were bit difficult to me. To maximize the difficulty I opted to go with a Fallen Saruman deck. The deck moved around the Rohan area. There's some theme in it, but I also think that with some tinkering (and better hazards) it could be a pretty competitive deck. Anyway the idea was to collect some horses (factions and allies) with some help from men living in Rohan and the Horseplains and score big points from The White hand and The White tree. I played same resources against all alignments. Hazards against heroes were orcs, trolls and permanent events and against minions undead, rivers and permanent events.

Day 1

First game vs. Manuel

Manuel played hero eriador shuffle. I thought that my hazards would be quite effective against him since my creatures could hit most places he visited. How wrong I was. I think I didn't touch him at all. I drew the hazard creatures so that I usually had one creature that was able to attack during the m/h-phase. Anyway I got some horses and The Tree but not The Hand if I recall correctly. Time limit ended the game and it was 4-2 to Manuel.

Second game vs. Angblung

Angblung played minions in the north. Lietenant with some help from Grimby's magic trickses. Also couple of small guys with them. Angblung started and ran to north. Unfortunately for him he also ran to Itangast a-hunt which killed both small guys and left the big guys tapped. During this game the dices were definitely on my side. I got few hard throws through and Angblung was very unlucky with his influence checks for dragon factions. Again game ended by timelimit. 4-2 for me.

Day 2

Third game vs. Ringbearer

This time I got full play time of beating. My characters at the receiving end. It appeared that a malady deck was very effective against my deck. I also made some big mistakes during the game. Like corrupting my wizard with marvels told (no corruption cards on him, but no one to support either). Without that stupid risky play I think I might have managed a 1-5 loss. But I think I learned a thing or two about how to change my play against a malady deck. My hazard play worked well against Ringbearer's Mordor shuffling small guys and they didn't play anything until last turn, but that was small comfort since their main reason to exist was the card drawing and I couldn't touch the real threath: Akhorahil. I got doubles for my only faction. That saved me from getting minuspoints :lol: . 6-0 to Ringbearer.

Last game vs. Vastor Peredhril

As mentioned in the first post Vastor was playing a fallen Gandhi with a huge 100 card playdeck. Starting company had 5 dwarves in it. This time my hazards worked pretty well and I stopped the dwarves on few occasions and also killed gandalf with Spider of Morlats permanent-event attacks (a bit of luck involved here). This was also the only game I actually got the White hand out. Recourse playing was pretty good in other sectors too, I was slowly starting to learn to play my deck. Once more time limit ended the game. 6-0 for me.

Nice tournament which really got me into the game again. I already started planning new decks and maybe I should do some re-arranging of my IRL collection too. Next weekend is the finnish nationals and I plan to continue my good form of that last game there. Big thanks also to Wigy for arranging the champs. See you all on GCCG!


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Post by Smaug »

Hi guys,
a short report from the gccg worlds.

First i want to thank wigy for make the event happen, everybody playing online should do the same, regarding how much time he spent in the past on running the gccg.

My games at this tourament where nice and all fun to play, but a little bit strange. In 3 out of 4 games i had the girdle of radagast ready to play in my hand but alwaays time limit was reached before.
This never happened in nmy ormal tournaments in the past. Mostly the girdle was more or less auto if the opponent not manges to stop you from getting 6 allies. So I think 80 minutes is not enough for a online tournament, there should be added at least 15 minutes.

I decided to play once more time F Radagast with the glove at weathertop, but this time exchanging the hidings against crept alongs and change the starting characters to a more powerful company.
Reason was to attack an other FW in case it is needed with the help of regiments.
The rule changing that it is not any longer possible to play the 1 point allies at a tapped rosgobel without other cards that allow the playing (like An Untimely Brood) was new for me.
I think the ruling is generally good but for the tournament it was bad for me ;-)

Round 1
Heiner - angblung 4-2
Anglung recruited the dragon factions and played some greater items with success in the dragons land. I was lucky to get in my last turn with the second attempt my only faction and was able to win by two points I think. Very tied game, much luck on my side.

Round 2

Sauron - Heiner 2-4
Brian plays Fallen saruman. We both collected mp slowly, hazards on both side worked good and Brian was not lucky with his factions. I had a very good last turn, playing something like 10 mps and that was in the end good enough to win 4 - 2.

Round 3
Manuel - Heiner 2-4
Manuel playes a arthedain short rest deck with chance meeting. My man hazards work very well at the beginning (killed some guys), the corrupion strategy was not really successful but slowed him down. Furthermore I was able to play tom before him. The main problem was to keep him because there was a big risk that pallando influences him away from galdor. So i had travel from borderhold to borderhold (old forest, bree and finally carmed brin) keeping always two assasin in hand. On the last turn Manuel managed survive two corsairs with pallando untapped and due to the close game i did not dare to play my last assasin (the other one I used already), the 2 marshalling points could have been the deciding factor; rank upon rank was away and forwarned on the table(?!) May be I am a strategic chicken :lol:, So he manages of course to influnence tom away, but finally I won by 4 points because Manuel draw no chance meeting for his 3 mind character in hand (or the other way round). In that case the killing or not killing of the assasin would have been the game deciding factor. I think this game was the most exicing and best game from the 4 I played at this gccg worlds.
It would have been nice to have one more turn giving both sides the oppotunity to play more mp, I think it would not have change the general result, but let me perhaps win higher (playing the girdle for sure and may be 1 or 2 meanshiefs), but how knows?!

Round 4

HeXDrake - Heiner 3-3
We both had too less points to win the title any more (that is the pitty if only winning 3 times 4 - 2) so more or less a fun game in my eyes. We both played Fallen Radagast what made it even worse :o . I was lucky to draw him in round 2. I already played Blackbole and the warg kind (only key card still missing was tom) so even a high victory was more or less "sure". But I sideboarded in turn 1 regiments to attack hexdrakes general weaker company at weathertop if he gets out radi first. Of course there was no need to play it any more but I thoughit was still fun to play and secondly i saw a chance to finish the game quick if i am lucky (had an already delayed appointment with a girl ;-)). But things in live not always develop ike wished and I was lucky that threalin survived his bc takeing the warg king with him ;-) (i had +4 on the roll, but that is nothing sure, ask Bert, he knows what i am talking about :D ).
The c v cc took a very long time and so radagast was not that useful in the remaining 2 turns. Finally it was a very low point game with a 13 - 13 end result. Fun it was in any case, for sure more than normally in a radi wolf against radi wolf game.

Looking back it did not matter because I ended at 3rd place and the first 2 place where more or less out of reach.

Congrats to the new online champion marcos. We had some really nice online battles against each other before the gccg worlds. All very tied but mostly with the better end for me if I remember right :wink: .



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Post by marcos »

Congrats to the new online champion marcos. We had some really nice online battles against each other before the gccg worlds. All very tied but mostly with the better end for me if I remember right
hey! i dunked on you :wink:

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Post by marcos »

here is a short report from the new champion :D

day 1:

1° round vs The_Bruce: Fw Pallando vs Hog
he played an underdeeps deck getting lots of items while flamed hog descents through fire. I played orc rain hazard wich made buthra bite the dust on turn 1 and unfortunately for him, his hog enters play too late and even worse, he gets whounded by descent's attacks cause minions stirr was out. I had issues to touch his companies with river/ doubled vigilance becuase he kept moving with gangways, so those hazards kinda fizzled. I didnt have much trouble with my resource play, the only problem was that pallando died on an assassin while trying to get an ally (ouch), anyway, ill favoured fellow makes his way to bree safe. After that turn the time limit is called and we both had 1 more turn, during his last turn, hog was tapped because just healed and the other company made some desperate movements in wich a tracker was sent to hand with unhappy blows (also had high helm), and some other tracker (with iron shield) was discarded on a bc from a orc/ uruk lieutenant. The rest of his characters were wounded by anciend deep hold AA...
During my last turn i play bill and mischief at bree and game ends in a 6-0 for me even with dead wizard

2° round vs Trossel: FW Rada vs FW Alatar
This game was nearly a mirror match, we bounced almost every character during draft, wich forced me to start with 1 less character (not good because i take advantage from rests). Luckly, i had the best draws and got the unique allies before him (Tom and warg king). A cave drake prevented my threllin from getting an item at barrow-downs and that made Tross double items, unfortunately for him, he didnt get join the hunt/ orome warder/ legacy out, so only doubled 3 item points wich were reduced because he has too many character points. He wasnt able to bring a faction into play either because a foolish words wich made me double 2 wild hounds i had in play. Game ended in a tight 4-2 for me

Day 2:

3° round vs Karmi: FW Rada vs Hero
I knew i was playing a strong opponent and this game was key because he was on the lead and was only 1 TP ahead from me, i also knew that his deck could be surprising as i saw some of his decklists that aren't very much the usual stuff... We didnt bounce any character during draft wich was very good for me. Turn 1, he moves to glittering caves and a cave drake killed eomer and bombur. He got to play red arrow (i love that item). I did my stuff playing wolfies, etc, without much trouble and he even helped me by playing some short rests... Turn 2 he plays saruman at isengard and gets wounded by a pukel men, then i play a cave drake and saruman meet aragorn by a chance to help him face the wyrm, unfortunately saruman got killed and aragorn plays a sappling. The other peeps play riders with the arrow. At the time saruman got killed i sbded call of home and muster disperses and was ready to call home 2 of his characters (mouth of sauron in hand), but the next turn aragorn moves to minas tirith and who can survive 2 assassins in a row? Gorn was killed... that was game IMO, the other guys played an ent, and that's it. I called without much trouble and game ended like 31-8 or so... It seemed to me that karmi forgot to put sb vs FW :P

4° round vs Bert: FW Pallando vs AkoraKILL
Yay! we both were in the first and second place! Flaneltina FTW!!! I knew it was going to be hard if i couldnt draw guarded haven and some stage soon to go to deep mines. He started without RW, so 1 turn of free breathing :P
I already had the stage in hand (thruts of doom), now i needed 1 of 3 guarded haven. After bert's last mov/haz phase i draw up to 8 and i get guarded haven, at that point i thought i was game... My main company moved under deeps, pallando enter plays and moves to ettenmoors and troll leader sits in case that pallando gets the site tapped so 1 of those 2 can play a faction. Pallando reaches the site untapped and plays hill trolls, dwarves at underdeeps played delvers harvest, earth eaters and lanterns. He only maladied the troll and got aiglos turn 1, i think that was all he made. I orc-rain'ed every time he moved to mount doom/ nurniag camp wich made ugluk die, and nain/ dorelas wound. He decided to switch to MP gatherer but i play a river on akorahill who was abobut to play ice orcs. I keep playing the chicken way by hiding at under deeps and playing easy points (long grievous siege, a strident spawn, half orc characters, etc). I called before time limit without allies and bert decided to go on a desperate last movement. Euog got killed by doubled vigilance at woodmen town and tracker wounded, so no allies there. Lt of dol guldur desperately moves to sarn goriwing for orcs of mirkwood (he failed orcs of DG because of foolish words) and got orc-rain'ed again. LT was killed and aiglos was discarded at that point bert concedes and was a 6-0 for me... I was going to double items and factions unless akora could play ice orcs, but anyway it wasnt enough to prevent me from scoring 6-0

All in all it was an awesome tourney and had loads of fun (as usual). Hope to see you all in the next champ/ cup.
I also think that we should organize more online events like these 'cause for some of us its nearly impossible to attend to RL events, and this kind of tourneys are guaranteed tons of fun :)
Big thanks and congrats to wigy for organizing it and to everyone who played!


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