III. GCCG Nations Cup 2009 (Rules/Pairings/Results)

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if i recall correct in 2007 NC, a game for third place play-off wasnt played, and it was declared a 3-3

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Well, in this case we can't declare 3-3 because this is a game from the swiss round. If unplayd games would automatically end in a tie, a player whose team needs 3 points to mathematically gain access to semifinals would simply refuse playing his game. We can't allow that.

This game must either be played or loss on forfeit. Of course I would be much happier in the first case, no matter who wins, but if this situation goes on something must be done... :evil:

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Well, since it is clear that this topic is going to die out of lack of interest, I just decided to take matters into my own hands and publish the update with the complete standings, including the unplayed game. I just can't stand that one collective effort made by 30 people to organize something gets screwed up by one only of them, and that this person can get away with it without any consequences. The fact that one team gets unfairly penalized for having done nothing wrong is simply unacceptable, but it is not the key point. Should we tolerate this, we would just allow setting a very dangerous precedent which could seriously jeopardize the next editions of the Nations Cup, since any player would simply feel legitimated to break away at any moment when he's tired and has no will of going on playing his games.

Taking part to an event which requires efforts and dedition by so many people also requires the responsibility to go on until the end: it is a simple matter of respect towards the others. I can understand that a player is so swamped with work/family/else that he can't find 2 hours within a week to play a game, but I can't believe that a player doesn't have 5 minutes to drop 2 lines via email to his opponent and give some explanation. Refraining from any sort of communication for almost a month is a complete lack of respect, and as I said before this pisses me off too much to just sit back and do nothing.

As I already said, the point is not my team being penalized though having done nothing wrong, the point is that I cannot accept such a disrespectful behaviour remaining without any consequence.

I apologize for the outburst but honestly I think I've let enough time pass by, and my irritation's been smoldering for way too long.

Just consider this as the semi-definitive standings: should this missing game be played before next NC starts, I'll be happy to update this post according with the game's result and see this whole thing being finally mended.

TP breakdown

01. Flaneltina 62 (38)
02. Spain 60 (35)
03. Finland 52 (37)
04. Austria 38 (29)

05. Germany 27 (6 wins)
06. Argentina 27 (5 wins)
07. Spain II 25
08. Italy 24
09. Poland 19
10. USA 14

most valuable player

Trossel 28

Manuel 26
marcos 23


hero 14 players
minion 9 players
fallen 7 players

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Italy - U.S.A. 12 : 7

ExarKun - zara 6 : 0 (DQ)
the_Bruce - Sauron 6 : 0
gowron - charles 0 : 7
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