Walloon "Nationals" 2008 - Mons (Belgium), 11th of

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Walloon "Nationals" 2008 - Mons (Belgium), 11th of

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The Walloon "nationals" will take place during the 5th edition of Cartazimut, the annual gaming week-end in Mons.

Players from France, Belgium and possibly the Netherlands will attend.

A final reason to join us (if you really needed one): it is your last chance to play against Luigi in Belgium as he will finally return to Italy in October!

More info on:

Any question, email cartazimut@mons.be or cartazimut@hotmail.com (or post on this forum)

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Dear MECCG community members,
We have had a great tournament.

11 French-speaking players gathered in Mons last week-end for what was Luigi's farewell tournament since he goes back soon to Italy.

Special congratulations to Nicolas "Big Red" Dewiere for his (easy) victory, to Luigi for his 2nd place (possibly his best tournament result ever) and to Fred who is now the reigning Walloon champion (for our friends from outside of Europe, especially American ones (only joking), a Walloon is a French-speaking Belgian).

Congrats also to Claudio for his first tournament.

And here are the full results (4 rounds):
1. Big Red (France) - 21pts - Fallen Alatar going underdeep
2. Luigi Sbaffi (Italy) - 15pts - Aggressive Hoarmuth
3. Fred Prevot (Belgium) - 14pts - Balrog
4. Franck Stassin (FRA) - 14pts too but lost to Fred - Sage-heavy hero
5. Herve Duval (FRA) - 13pts (2 wins and a draw) - Hero return of the king
6. Dominique Bergeret (FRA) -13pts (2 wins) - Hero coastal
7. Stephane Hemberg (BEL) -13pts but lost to Dominique - Hero
8. Stephane Poirette (FRA) - 11pts - Fallen Saruman
9. Matieu Sallustio (BEL) - 10pts - Sauron
10. Claudio Stefanetti (BEL) - 8pts - Modified Gandalf challenge deck
11. Tristan Alleman (BEL) - 6pts - Galadriel, Celeborn and their hobbit friends

A few highlights:
- Franck managed to bring out Army of the dead against Big Red - quite something
- Fred's Balrog' henchmen getting lost underdeep. "Troll 1: I thought you had taken the map with you. Troll 2: No, I tought you had!"

This tournament has rekindled interest for MECCG in the small French-speaking community and hopefully you will see more of us at Lure and on gccg soon.

to all players, please feel free to add you own tournament reports.

Herve, aka gollum51

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