German Nationals 2012

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German Nationals 2012

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Last Saturday (3rd November) we had our Nationals in Giessen.

Here are the results:

1. Mario N. (Hero) (16 TP)
2. Heiner V. (Fallen Alatar) (12 TP)
3. Domse K. (Hero) (11 TP)
4. Karsten G. (Hero) (10 TP)
5. Stefan F. (Minion) 10 TP)
6. Wolli V. (Hero) (7 TP)
7. Wolfgang P. (Hero) (6 TP)
8. Hans-Werner M. (Hero One Ring) (0 TP)

Congratulations to Mario aka Balrog aka Shadow and Flame, the new german champion.

More info in German.

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