Tournament in Mons

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Tournament in Mons

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Maybe a bit late, but next saturday there will be a middle earth tournament in Mons (Belgium) at Cartazimut.

info @ (in french)
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Results of Walloon "nationals"

Post by gollum51 »

We have had great fun at Mons on Saturday.

Thanks to all of those who took part and especially Michel, Dusan and Dominique for having travelled a few hours for the tournament.

Congrats to Nicolas for another easy victory and to Fred for winning the crown of Walloonia!

Here are the full results:
1. Nicolas "Big red" Dewiere (FRA) - 18pts - Fallen Alatar the hunter
2. Stéphane Poirette (FRA) - 12pts - Beorn the skin changer
3. Frédéric Prévot (BEL) - 12pts - Balrog Underleas
4. Hervé Duval (FRA) - 11pts - Restoring the Dwarven kingdom
5. Michel Schelfhout (NL) - 10pts - Fallen Saruman
6. Johny Mercier (BEL) - 8pts - dwarves
7. Dominique Bergeret (FRA) - 6pts - hobbit burglars
8. Stéphane Hemberg (BEL) - 6pts - unexpected ring party
9. Dusan Bavcar (NL) - 4pts - leutenants in dragon country

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Post by LiC »


in 2008 I was there... but this year I couldn't...

In Bergen (Mons) you have always great fun! you add to the common fine people also fine beer!!


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