Hyper Links to Forum Threads Not Working

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Hyper Links to Forum Threads Not Working

Post by the JabberwocK »

Links embedded in user posts which connect to other forum threads do not work, as they attempt to route to the old webpage/server. Some of these have already been fixed. I am working to fix all of them but I have to manually fix one link at a time and I have to know which thread they were supposed to link to. Please send me a PM or report a post if it has a broken link. It is VERY helpful if you can also direct me to which thread the link is supposed to go to.

Thanks for your help and patience as I work on this. Completely fixing this problem will take some time as it is a tedious process and I'm busy working on various Council duties right now.

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Re: Hyper Links to Forum Threads Not Working

Post by kober »

Looks like the issue re-appeared following the latest update - links to forum.councilofelrond.org (example) do not work.

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Re: Hyper Links to Forum Threads Not Working

Post by CDavis7M »

Change council "or" elrond to "of" in your web browser after reaching the error site. The links on the forum look (are) accurate but when clicked the issue arises.


though new links seem to be ok? viewtopic.php?f=103&t=3513

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