Playing on Tabletop Simulator

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Playing on Tabletop Simulator

Post by Negator »

Hi all,

in my search and trys to make myself comfortable with the rules of this game i came across an article on steam. It seems that there is a mod to play on Tabletop Simulator.
Did anyone try this? Is it worth to dig in for playing solo and trying decks if there isnt much time to play face to face?
Is the Tabletop Simulator user friendly?

Thanks for sharing your experience!

Vastor Peredhil
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Re: Playing on Tabletop Simulator

Post by Vastor Peredhil »

no use cardnum

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Re: Playing on Tabletop Simulator

Post by Kjeld »

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Re: Playing on Tabletop Simulator

Post by CDavis7M »

I have checked it out on Tabletop Simulator. It can work, but browser-based Cardnum ( is better. GCCG ( is another software platform for playing.

Tabletop Simulator does work, but it is very clumsy in getting setup. There is no real good way to build decks. Still, once things are setup, Tabletop Simulator does work fairly well. And it is actually probably better for playing some solitaire scenarios because you can just lay the cards anywhere you want. But setting up a deck is just so difficult it's not worth the effort. Still, if you have TTS, might as well load it up and see.

Cardnum is a browser based game play platform. You can browse cards and there is a chat room. The software is a little clunky, but there was a recent update adding "practice" mode. Practice mode doesn't work perfectly. You click forward through all of the phases, End the turn, and then click back through all the phases back to the beginning. Playing online works well. Many of the cards have macros to handle their special functionality (viewing cards, drawing top 10, click-to-host on top of another card, etc). One thing with cardnum (which is good and bad), is that you can't just drop a card anywhere on the table like in TTS. There are designated spots for cards and you select which spot using a menu. So you can't get too fancy with how things are laid out. And there is no option to zoom in and pan around like on TTS.

GCCG has been around along time. I had a bit of difficulty getting it setup and even then, never played a real game on it. From what I can tell, it works well. Maybe someone else can speak more about it.

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Re: Playing on Tabletop Simulator

Post by Theo »

I agree with CDavis7M about deckbuilding/manipulation on TTS being highly aggravating. Although, if you are highly fluent in TTS controls maybe it wouldn't be as bad? I have criticized cardnum for certain manipulations being awkward in the past, but on the whole I endorse it very positively. :)
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