Snake Eyes for CC rolls

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Snake Eyes for CC rolls

Post by rezwits »

This just dawned on me which I didn't really put into thought until just now:

I would say honestly, that there are, in a serious game of MECCG, anywhere from 30-40 Corruption Checks during the game. Just a quick rough estimation without really thinking too hard.

I just finished playing a game and my opponent asked me, "Well what are the odds of rolling snake-eyes on a CCs tho?"

Well here is the funny part, it's 1:36.

So if we say for an average, 20-50 CCs, we are looking let's just call it 36 CCs on "semi-pure" average.

That means that in the game, on average:

1 person is going to get the 1+1
1 person is going to get the 1+2 and
1 person is going to get the 2+1

HAHA, that's kinda what is SICK about the game! And what is beautiful...

Every freakin time we roll for corruption we just gotta dodge being the guy who rolls Snake Eyes!!
Once that first Snake Eyes is out of the way then we are pretty good from then on...

haha, ok Night Gents!
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Re: Snake Eyes for CC rolls

Post by Theo »

If this was inspired by our game (which I hope so, given the timing!), the question I was considering was "what are the odds of getting 2 on a CC TWICE (or more) in one game?"

I do like thinking about things like this.

Your estimate of 30-40 corruption checks per game seems pretty high to me. I mean, I think I only had to make about 5 or 6 non-guaranteed CCs in our game, and we were both playing with a decent amount of CC hazards, both playing hazard Ren.

The deck types clearly matter; obviously your opponent's hazard side which you can minimally influence. But on the resource side the minion rings force CCs every turn, while heavy item decks will tend to make more checks from passing/storing items as well as having each check tend to be less trivial

My estimate for my own deck based on the distribution of hazard strategies I've seen might have been closer to 1/4-1/8 for seeing a single 2 on one of my CCs for the whole game, and something like 1/33-1/150 for seeing two or more 2s on CCs.

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Re: Snake Eyes for CC rolls

Post by Goblin King »

Playing a 3 person ARDA game, I would say 30+ corruption checks is accurate. Playing against a devoted corruption strategy deck, 1v1, I would say about 20 to 25 checks per game.
Of course, playing in ARDA, the corruption is the most dramatic part of the game. The one copy of The Balance of Things seems to always hit the table after somebody calls for Council. Followed quickly by REN, if he's not already out.
In these games watching characters fall to snake eyes or a 3 is less dramatic than watching a dwarf with a dwarves ring or Gimli with the Iron Crown survive.

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