Relation between Resource and Hazard Strategies in a Deck

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Relation between Resource and Hazard Strategies in a Deck

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Though I've been interested in MECCG for several years, I never got into serious deckbuilding, and as a result, I've got a rather amateurish question. Since your play deck is basically two decks shuffled together - one for your turn and one for your opponent's - is there any real relation between the resource strategy you choose and the hazard strategy you choose? Obviously you wouldn't want conflicting manifestations (like including Radagast the Tamer as a hazard if Radagast is your wizard), but beyond that, is there any connection between the two deck halves?
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Re: Relation between Resource and Hazard Strategies in a Deck

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I'm still a beginner myself. But I think there are a few things to consider due to permanent and long events.

For example, a resource Deck with Aragorn doing RotK things and gathering factions in Gondor is mostly in Free domains and some wilderness. And few auto attacks will be faced due to few items being included. So you can implement a doors of night strategy, making wilderness into shadow holds and other nasty effects, increasing auto attacks, etc. But this won't affect you much. Or, if you have a Hobbit deck that relies on cancellation,you can use the same hazard strategy.

Or, you may have an item heavy resource deck, and make the shadowlands into wilderness, and use a heavy double-wilderness hazard deck. Can use both Fell Winter and Fog. Using radagast and elven cloaks.

I'm forgetting at the moment, but there are even a few cards that can directly benefit the other deck.

Just throwing out some ideas. But I definitely think of it as 1 cooperative deck instead of 2 separate decks. Though they are built separately.

Edit: another thought I had is a Resource deck with +DI events for influencing characters away along with item discarding creatures and corruption hazards (alone and unadvised).

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Re: Relation between Resource and Hazard Strategies in a Deck

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Here are a few thoughts to add:

Some hazard builds are more dependent on meshing well with your resource build than others. I have a few hazard decks which I can literally shuffle in with almost any of my resource decks. Other hazard strategies are only usable with 1 or 2 very specific resource decks.

- I have a heavy Long Winter/Snowstorm environment hazard strategy which I use with a hero resource strategy that operates only in the western coastal sea regions and the free domains. If I were to mix this hazard strategy with almost any other resource deck, it would hamper my own efforts just like my opponent.

- If you are playing a race specific hazard strategy with support cards (man creatures with Rank Upon Rank, undead creatures with The Moon Is Dead, orcs and trolls with Redoubled Force, etc) make sure your own resource strategy doesn't plan to operate at many (or any) of the sites which have automatic attacks that you are boosting with your hazard strategy.

- If your resource deck critically relies upon a particular idea, you should include hazard cards which will help protect your strategy by inhibiting your opponent's hazards which are most destructive to your own resource strategy. An example: a rings for points deck can be completely dismantled if an opponent is able to play Rolled Down to the Sea multiple times. To prevent your opponent from recycling Rolled Down to the Sea include cards in your own hazard deck like Bane of the Ithil Stone and Lady of the Golden Wood. Furthermore, be aware of how these hazards may affect you as well so don't include a lot of recycle cards in your own deck.

- If your resource deck has a specific theme to it (I have one that takes advantage of knowing cards in my opponent's hand by using Mirror of Galadriel, Secret News, Riddling Talk, etc), then consider using hazards in your deck which also allow you to peak at opponent's hand (e.g. Rolled Down to the Sea).

- If you are attempting to play a fast resource deck (Radagast running through wilderness, etc) that calls the game in 4-5 turns, make sure your hazard strategy is one that also facilitates this. Meaning, you don't want hazards which are likely to sit in your hand for several turns. Avoid hazard combinations. Hazards that can be played on any turn, no matter what, are ideal.

Cheers and Good Luck!

- G

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