Any ideas about a ringwraight ?

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Any ideas about a ringwraight ?

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Hello everyone,

I know relatively well the basic game with the wizard, but now i need to discover the evil side, but i have no idea what game i can build.

Does any one have some advice to build a deck ? I have a lot of cards of the lidless eye (some missed but not a lot). What are the best ringwraight category deck ? (i imagine faction deck, items deck of fight strategy deck). I want to build a strategy deck for plundering minds tirith, in role play deck but i have no idea how.

Many thanks for any advise


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Re: Any ideas about a ringwraight ?

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This contains links to many deck lists along with their play strategies.

More generally, when learning RWs, Hoarmurath is a good choice. Between the extra hand size and Hoarmurath Unleashed's cancelling ability, you have a lot of flexibility.
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You probably aren't playing Fallen Wizards correctly. This prompted the backlash erratum that I will link to as soon as I notice it is officially posted. :)

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