Looking for German MELE cards & FS full German sets

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Looking for German MELE cards & FS full German sets

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Hi guys.

I want to complete my German MELE set and am looking for these 2 cards:

- Schwarzer Regen
- Wir kommen um zu töten

I would buy them if anyboy wants to sell or have some MELE rare cards for trade (like "Der Eine Ring", "Elbenlord in Zorn und Wut" etc.) Just send me a message what cards you are after.

Furthermore, I have some stuff sor sale. All cards German limited and in unplayed and mint to near mint condition:

- Complete sets of GERMAN METW and METD in new and clean sheets in a red folder with slipcase (the binder alone costs more than 30 Euros). The cards are in perfect & unplayed condition: 300,- Euro

- GERMAN Collector‘s Box „Dragons“ with a COMPLETE set of METD (1 of each card) + an additional card of each uncommon + 3 additional cards of every common + the 3 German promo cards „Belegennon“, „Ringil“, „Horn der Herausforderung“ + more than 300 unsorted commons and uncommons. All cards in perfect & unplayed condition: 100,- Euro

- book „A long expected party - MECCG Sites & Scenarios“, sealed & unopened: 150,- Euro

- complete set of GERMAN METW in 9 pockets (front and back) in an Ultra Pro binder. Most of the cards are in unplayed condition, however some of them can have a little mark. But the overall condition is absolutely collectible

- sets of GERMAN promo cards (different sets available), price depending on the number of cards 10 - 25 Euro

- GERMAN Starter Box „Eye“ with some extras like counters and map, 700 - 900 mostly common and uncommon cards, some of them in sleeves: 30,- Euro

All prices without shipping costs and PayPal fees. I also ship abroad if you cover the costs. Payment via bank transfer or PayPal to friends and family (or PayPal for goods if you pay the fees).

Thx a lot for your attention and have a great weekend!

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